Xiaomi event led by Lu Weibing

Xiaomi Shakeup: Lu Weibing to Lead Xiaomi Events

As Xiaomi prepares to launch the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, we may no longer see Lei Jun at Xiaomi’s product launches.

On the evening of February 3rd, Lei Jun announced on social media that “in order to focus more on the automotive business, the company has decided that President Lu Weibing will also serve as the General Manager of the Xiaomi brand. In the future, Xiaomi’s product launches will be hosted by him, starting with the Xiaomi 14 Ultra.”

Lu Weibing leading Xiaomi event

Lei Jun emphasized that the smartphone business remains Xiaomi’s core focus, and he will continue to devote sufficient energy to it.

This move could be a response to aesthetic fatigue.

With two annual smartphone launches, a New Year’s speech, charitable activities, and brief appearances, why do people admire Lei Jun’s success story so much?

Lu Weibing leading Xiaomi event

When people tire of Lei Jun’s story of struggle, it’s time for a change!

Why change? Because most of us cannot achieve what Lei Jun has. If we can’t reach his level, then there’s no need to keep watching! Just like how you need variety in motivational movies, the same goes for this situation.

Xiaomi is close to its 14th phone launch, and Lei Jun has told his story more than twenty times already. While there might still be new stories, they are becoming scarce. Bringing in someone new to tell these stories might have a different impact.

Lu Weibing leading Xiaomi event

Lei Jun also realizes that in order to sustain popularity, he needs to venture into new domains. Smartphone discussions have worn thin, so have internet and smart hardware dialogues, as well as stories of stock market successes and struggles. It’s time for some seemingly impossible dreams!

Rumored to have successfully established a high-end image, Xiaomi’s perspective at least. Being number one in the Chinese market is no longer exciting.

Hence, Lei Jun opting to allocate more of his energy to Xiaomi’s automotive sector, pushing the Xiaomi SU7 into the spotlight, seems beneficial for both him and Xiaomi.

Firstly, entering new fields attracts more capital and attention. With Huawei and Xiaomi joining the automotive industry while traditional car manufacturers are transitioning, and with newcomers like Nio and Xpeng emerging, isn’t there a significant flow of resources and capital vying for this space? Certainly.

Lu Weibing leading Xiaomi event

Secondly, seizing a new market where the future of electric vehicles is uncertain but holds immense potential. The smartphone market has reached a saturation point, necessitating the exploration of a larger market – the automotive industry presents just that, a vast opportunity.

Thirdly, strengthening the team, grooming Lu Weibing to become the “Lei Jun” in this field, paving the way for a new “Lu Weibing” to step forward. Xiaomi’s managerial team grows stronger with each generation, ensuring the company’s enduring prosperity through mentorship across different age groups.

Lu Weibing leading Xiaomi event

As for the success of Xiaomi’s venture into automobiles, it seems highly probable. If half of Xiaomi’s smartphone users purchase Xiaomi cars, the company secures a multi-billion-dollar share! With a strong brand, technology, product lineup, and market strategy, can Xiaomi cars not succeed? It’s highly unlikely.

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