61% Upgrade to iPadOS 17

iPadOS 17 Adoption Rate Reaches 61% among Users

iPadOS 17 Update

According to the latest data released by Apple, 61% of users of iPad models launched in the past four years have upgraded to the latest iPadOS 17 system. This percentage remains consistent with the 53% installation rate during the same period last year. At the same time, 29% of devices are still running on the iPadOS 16 system, while the remaining 10% are using earlier versions of the operating system.

Among all active iPad devices, the current adoption rate of iPadOS 17 system is at 53%, followed by the iPadOS 16 system at 29% and older operating systems at 18%.

It is worth noting that in the newly launched iPadOS 17, Apple has optimized the multitasking feature. This feature made its debut in last year’s iPadOS 16, allowing users to open multiple app windows simultaneously and enabling the iPad to work with an external display like a computer.

Furthermore, the new version has introduced changes in the operating experience similar to macOS. Now, users can add new windows to the workspace by pressing Shift + clicking on the application icon. This improvement aims to provide users with more flexibility and control, including support for the built-in camera on external monitors.

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