Huawei Fold: Top-tier, new models soon

To be honest, major smartphone manufacturers are all pushing hard nowadays, offering not only entry-level, mid-range, and high-end phones but also top-tier flagship and imaging flagship models.

In order to promote these models, smartphone manufacturers have indeed been preparing for a long time. They are launching different models to make an impact on the market and stimulate user choices.

However, for Huawei phones, they are currently unable to achieve mass popularity. Nonetheless, in terms of sales volume, they have shown a significant increase, which may also be a demonstration of their strength.

The key point is that in addition to Huawei’s return to the top position in smartphone sales in China two weeks before the first half of 2024, Huawei’s smartphones priced over a thousand yuan have also achieved the top position.

According to the “2024 China Folding Screen Smartphone Market Insights Report,” Huawei accounted for 50.3% of the domestic folding screen market in 2023, securing the top position.

The report indicates that in the ultra-high-end folding screen market priced over a thousand yuan, Huawei’s market share reached 65.6%. The Huawei Mate X5 achieved the best sales performance in the 2023 Chinese folding screen smartphone market, being the only product with a shipment volume exceeding one million.

Over the past few years, major smartphone manufacturers have been focusing on foldable screen innovations, introducing not only left-right folding screens but also top-bottom folding screen models to the market.

However, based on current data, Huawei smartphones have indeed excelled and become one of the leaders in this trend, indicating that even with restrictions and high prices, they continue to have a loyal user base.

Moreover, Huawei’s foldable screen development is progressing rapidly. Currently, two new models are in the pipeline: the Huawei Pocket S2 and the Huawei triple folding screen phone.

Regarding the Huawei Pocket S2, it continues the design of the Pocket S and P50 Pocket, featuring a “Multiverse Dual Circle” composed of a camera module and secondary screen of around 1 inch.

The core configuration will include a Kirin processor, likely not the full version of the Kirin 9000S processor but possibly a downgraded version of the Kirin 9000S.

However, as long as it’s a new processor, it will support 5G connectivity, a key factor that enhances the user experience.

The color options for the Huawei Pocket S2 are distinct, with a nice-looking purple suede and gray glass aesthetics, maintaining the 3D relief craftsmanship of the Art Edition.

In terms of battery capacity, it’s substantial with a built-in 4520mAh battery, which should easily last a day with regular use.

Following Huawei’s pattern, the Pocket S2 is expected to come with 66W wired fast charging, HarmonyOS 4.0, high refresh rate, and high-frequency eye protection dimming technology.

The pricing remains uncertain, but if it’s set competitively, the product is likely to see high sales, making it an exciting prospect.

Next is the Huawei triple folding screen phone. While current foldable phones on the market typically follow a 16:9 or 18:9 design that folds into a square, the triple folding screen phone adopts a 28:9 or 18:9 design that folds into a 4:3 shape, providing users with a stunning transformation from a folded phone to an open tablet.

Key features may include a Z-shaped (or S-shaped) form, resulting in a folded screen size similar to that of a regular smartphone, around 6.4 inches.

Furthermore, the panel supplier for this Huawei folding screen phone might be BOE, ensuring an impressive display quality.

Additionally, Huawei has recently secured a new design patent, involving a “folding mechanism, curved screen structure, and electronic device,” indicating that Huawei Technologies Limited has been granted a patent for foldable mechanisms and curved screen structures for electronic devices.

According to insiders, Huawei may launch a rollable screen phone this year and become the first manufacturer to mass-produce such a device. The abstract suggests that this application provides an electronic device with a rollable screen, transitioning from an initial display state to an extended display state when triggered, although specific details remain unclear.

Considering Huawei’s current strength in the market, the new device is expected to make a significant impact.

In conclusion, Huawei’s foldable screen smartphones have always been powerful and resilient, even under previous restrictions. As they regain their position, the results are likely to improve further.

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