Huawei Launches World’s Biggest 5.5G Network in Shanghai, 10x Faster than 5G

Shanghai to Build a Global Dual 10G City by the End of 2026

On February 6th, according to a document released by Shanghai for 2023, the city aims to have an initial completion by the end of 2026, marking the establishment of a global dual 10G city featuring 5G-A technology and 10G optical network.

5G-A, also known as 5.5G, enables speeds of “1 second for 5Gb,” surpassing 5G with network rates up to 5-10 times faster and an increased network capacity by three-fold.

5.5G Network

According to Huawei officials, in collaboration with Shanghai Mobile, they have recently completed the deployment of a 5G-A network in the city’s main urban area covering 200 kilometers of main roads and key areas, making it the world’s first commercial network with a scale of 2.6G + 4.9G 260MHz in three-carrier aggregation clusters.

Shanghai Mobile has focused on conducting 5G-A technology verifications in ten typical urban scenarios such as cultural and tourist attractions, urban subways, transportation hubs, business buildings, and hotels, expanding the capabilities of the 5G-A network to the sky, underground, and near the sea.

The upgraded 5G-A network can provide a peak downlink speed of up to 5Gbps for individual users, with point-to-point network testing currently reaching 4Gbps, ensuring high-quality experiences for services such as naked-eye 3D, XR cloud gaming, and high-definition live broadcasts.

Shanghai 5G Network

Notably, tourist hotspots like Lujiazui, the Bund, and Yu Garden attract global visitors annually, with some highly crowded areas experiencing momentary peak visitor flows exceeding 40,000 people per square kilometer.

During peak hours, a single communication base station serves over 1000 users, generating 8GB of traffic per minute, equivalent to downloading 10 high-definition movies.

To ensure that visitors can easily share their joy at any time, Shanghai Mobile has completed comprehensive 5G-A network coverage at key tourist attractions. Leveraging multi-carrier aggregation, multi-user MIMO, and massive MIMO antenna array technologies of the 5G-A network, the full potential of the network is unleashed.

Whether watching 4K/8K high-definition videos, engaging in large online games, or having high-definition video calls with family and friends, the experience will be seamlessly smooth, free from lags and waiting.

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