Huawei May Debut Rollable Phone

Huawei’s Revolutionary Rollable Phone

Huawei enthusiasts may still remember that in mid-2022, there was news circulating online about Huawei applying for a patent for a rollable screen smartphone. However, at that time, it was only at the application stage, and no further updates were shared. Recently, there’s news indicating that Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. has been granted a patent for “foldable structure, rollable screen structure, and electronic devices.” Furthermore, rumors citing internal sources suggest that Huawei is expected to launch a revolutionary rollable screen smartphone this year, potentially becoming the first brand to mass-produce this technology.

Huawei Rollable Phone

As per the disclosed patent abstract, the electronic device includes a main body, a rollable screen, and support components: the main body forms a display area on at least one side, with the main body having an initial display state that can be expanded to another extended display state, where the area of the display area in the initial state is smaller than that in the extended state.

Huawei Rollable Phone

This electronic device meets users’ regular usage needs while increasing the display area and supporting the expansion of the display screen. Additionally, the device provides a flexible screen support mechanism; the rotating component can flip and switch between two states, allowing the flexible screen support mechanism to roll up when the rotating component is in the first state and stay unrolled when in the second state. The patented structure is simple, compact, and suitable for portable devices.

Huawei Rollable Phone

Looking at the types of foldable screen smartphones currently offered by Huawei, which include inward folding, outward folding, and vertical folding (small folding), it covers all forms of foldable screen phone designs. Based on the information revealed so far, Huawei will introduce iterations or updates for these three types of models this year. If Huawei succeeds in mass-producing the rollable screen phone, it would introduce a fourth design to the foldable screen category.

Huawei Rollable Phone

Based on the latest data, Huawei already holds over half of the market share in the domestic foldable screen smartphone market in 2023. Moreover, in the high-end foldable screen smartphone segment, it commands nearly 70% of the market share. Particularly, the Huawei Mate X5 series launched last year achieved the best sales performance in the 2023 Chinese foldable screen smartphone market, being the only foldable screen phone model with shipments exceeding one million units.

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