Huawei’s rollable phone patent revealed! Aiming to be the first to mass-produce

Huawei’s Patent for Rollable Phone Revealed

On February 6th, according to data from Tianyancha, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. recently obtained a patent authorization for “folding mechanism, curled screen structure, and electronic device.”

Insiders suggest that Huawei may launch a rollable screen phone this year and is poised to be the first manufacturer to mass-produce such a device.

As per the abstract, the application presents an electronic device with a curled screen.


The electronic device comprises a main body, a curled screen, and supporting components: at least one side surface of the main body forms a display area, the main body has an initial display state, and the main body can be triggered to extend to another expanded display state, with the display area in the initial state being smaller than that in the expanded state.

This electronic device meets users’ normal usage needs while increasing the display screen’s area and supporting the expanded screen area.


Currently, Huawei’s folding screen technology includes inward folding, outward folding, vertical folding, and small folding, all of which have been updated. The Huawei Mate X5 achieved the highest sales in the Chinese folding screen phone market in 2023, being the only product with a shipment volume exceeding one million units.

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