iOS 17 Unpopular; Many Stick to Old Versions

Android and iOS System Fragmentation Issues

The Android system faces a serious problem of fragmentation, with the majority of users unable to access the latest versions and older versions being disorganized. In comparison, updates for Apple’s iOS system are very timely, allowing users to easily switch to the latest version by choosing to update.

However, according to data published by Apple, it seems that Apple is also starting to encounter system fragmentation issues. When it comes to the usage of iOS 17, Apple has presented one of the worst reports in history.

iOS 17

Reportedly, among the new iPhones launched in the past four years, only 76% of devices are running on the iOS 17 system. In comparison, during the same period last year, 81% of users were using the latest iOS 16 system. About 20% of devices are still on the iOS 16 system, while 4% are using even older versions.

Looking at all iPhone devices, the usage rate of iOS 17 is only 66%, with iOS 16 at 23%, and 11% of devices running on earlier versions of the system.

The iOS 17 version had numerous errors upon its release. Even nearly three months after its launch, Apple is still working hard to fix these issues, which may be why some users choose not to update their system.

Currently, iOS 17 has been updated to iOS 17.3. However, Apple is still tirelessly working on fixing various problems, and in the process of resolving known issues, other issues are being exposed.

In the case of iPad devices, the usage rate of iPadOS 17 is even lower than that of iPhones. However, the situation with iPadOS 17 is better compared to the previous generation. Among the new models released in the past four years, 61% are using the iPadOS 17 system, whereas during the same period last year, only 53% were using iPadOS 16.

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