iOS Zero-Days Used to Spy on iPhones

News Update: iOS Zero-Days Exploited to Install Spyware on iPhones

Spyware on iPhones

On February 7, a report released by Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) revealed that hackers successfully used three zero-day vulnerabilities in the Apple iOS system to install spyware developed by Variston on iPhones. Variston, a network company based in Barcelona specializing in monitoring and hacking technologies, has raised concerns about the physical acquisition and potential misuse of powerful spyware.

The security vulnerabilities highlighted in the report have far-reaching implications, exposing the inherent vulnerability of digital devices. Even industry giants like Apple could fall victim to carefully crafted cyber attacks. More significantly, it sheds light on the clandestine use of zero-day vulnerabilities by spyware technology companies like the NSO Group for conducting attacks.

Apple, however, has not yet commented on the specific vulnerabilities mentioned in the report. The company, known for its regular security updates, is expected to address any identified threats promptly.

Google, through its TAG division, plays a crucial role in actively tracking and dismantling hacker activities that exploit such tools. Users interested in delving deeper into the subject can explore the full report.

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