Leaked: iPhone 16’s Vertical Dual Cam & Shutter Button!

Revealing the iPhone 16 Design: Returning to Vertical Dual Cameras with a Built-In Shutter Button

On February 5, according to reports from foreign media, leaked design schematics of the iPhone 16 surfaced online. The rendered effect showcases a return to vertical dual cameras.

As per the details leaked, the rumored design of the iPhone 16 shows a back reminiscent of the vertical dual-camera design from the iPhone X-12 era, tailored for shooting spatial videos.

Moreover, the design schematics also reveal a new addition to the iPhone 16 model—a built-in shutter button, which still adopts a mechanical structure, supporting touch input detection and pressure changes on the surface.

Leaked iPhone 16 Design

Previously, TF International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated that the iPhone 16 series would not undergo any “significant design changes,” but would feature larger display screens measuring 6.3 inches and 6.9 inches respectively.

Kuo predicts that Apple is unlikely to introduce a radically redesigned iPhone until 2025, along with more comprehensive and differentiated generative AI or applications.

Innovations like a completely new design and more intelligent AI functionalities can be expected in the iPhone 17 series next year.

Not long ago, Barclays predicted that the iPhone 16 series might not bring significant changes, lacking more appealing features or upgrades.

Leaked iPhone 16 Design

Leaked iPhone 16 Design

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