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Chinese Mobile Phones Conquering the World

In today’s world, domestic mobile phones have become incredibly powerful. Looking back at the top five global smartphone manufacturers, three of them are from China! This clearly shows how excellent Chinese mobile phones are. They have now stepped onto the global stage, with the presence of brands like “Huami” and “OV” being visible in many countries and regions. The reason behind the success of Chinese mobile phones on the global market lies in the advancement of specifications and quality, aligning perfectly with the modern society’s pursuit of ultimate user experiences.


While domestic mobile phones have been rising in China, copycat phones have gradually faded away from our sight. For those with budget constraints looking to purchase a practical phone, many manufacturers have introduced great entry-level phones in the hundred or thousand yuan range, making it unnecessary to consider copycat phones anymore. Of course, the majority of users still choose phones priced between two to three thousand yuan, which is also the highest-selling price range domestically. Within this range, many blockbuster phones have emerged, with every Chinese manufacturer diving into this segment. For example, the OnePlus Ace3, a high-performance smartphone with comprehensive features.


In recent years, major phone manufacturers have been shifting towards domestic screen suppliers. OnePlus Ace3 is one such example. Frankly speaking, the screen quality of domestic phones is already very high, on par with Samsung. Specifically, the OnePlus Ace3 utilizes a 1.5K Oriental screen, displaying 10 billion colors and achieving a brightness of 4500nit. It supports a 1-120Hz adaptive high refresh rate and includes flagship-grade eye protection features like hardware-level low blue light, natural light eye protection, and low-frequency flicker reduction.


Modern phones serve various purposes such as communication, watching videos, gaming, video calls, and handling documents. Therefore, long battery life is crucial. The OnePlus Ace3 is equipped with a 5500mAh super-large battery along with a SUPERVOOC S power management chip, boosting discharge efficiency to 99.5%. Once fully charged, it can effortlessly last a whole day. Even after thousands of charge cycles, the battery’s effective capacity remains over 80%. This means that even after four years of continuous use, this phone can still provide a battery life experience akin to a new device. As for charging, the OnePlus Ace3 supports 100W super flash charging, reaching 100% charge in just 27 minutes.


The OnePlus Ace3 boasts many noteworthy features such as the second-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship chip, achieving a benchmark score of 1.74 million after OnePlus’ professional tuning. In terms of imaging, it has a 50 million IMX890 large bottom sensor and inherits imaging algorithms from OPPO flagship phones. The phone is also equipped with a dedicated graphics chip and features independent three-stage lighting, upgraded metal frame, and glass back panel in terms of body quality, comparable to many high-end models.


As a sub-brand of OPPO, OnePlus inherits OPPO’s strong genes in terms of product capabilities. Compared to OPPO, OnePlus positions its phones slightly lower, but lower positioning does not mean inferior products or experiences. Just like the OnePlus Ace3, the overall quality is excellent. Therefore, if you desire a budget-friendly phone with high-end design, powerful performance, excellent screen, and outstanding battery life, the OnePlus Ace3 is definitely one of the excellent choices to consider.

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