Microsoft Pushes Win11 Upgrade Alert!

Alert: Windows 11 Upgrade Notification for Windows 10 Users

Microsoft Pushes Win11 Upgrade Alert

As of February 6, 2024, by Yao Liwei

Windows 10 users are advised to upgrade to Windows 11 promptly to avoid Microsoft’s prompts. Users have reported that Microsoft is using pop-up windows to promote Windows 11 to a wide range of users, encouraging them to switch to the new operating system promptly.

Microsoft has provided several reasons to support this initiative. Firstly, users can continue using their computers in the background while setting up the new system, without occupying too much space. Secondly, the transition from Win10 to Win11 is expected to be smooth, with existing data and designs on the computer preserved, making it easier to adapt. Additionally, Win11 features a fresh interface, improved security, and speed.

According to a StatCounter report, although Win10 still holds a significant market share at 66.43%, Win11’s market share stands at only 27.82%. This indicates that Microsoft has started urging users to switch to the latest version. It is worth noting that Microsoft has previously announced the benefits of upgrading to Win

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