NASA Discovers New Super-Earth, Year Lasts 19 Days

NASA Discovers New Super-Earth, Planet TOI-715b

According to a report by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) on the 6th, NASA recently announced the discovery of a new “super-earth” planet, designated as TOI-715b.

NASA Discovers New Super-Earth

Image Source: NASA

The planet is reported to be about one and a half times the width of Earth, orbiting a red dwarf star within the habitable zone. Due to the small size of its host star, this “super-earth” completes one orbit in just 19 Earth days. Furthermore, despite being 137 light-years away from Earth, approximately 87 million times the distance from Earth to the Sun, it is considered relatively close in astronomical terms.

Since the launch of the American exoplanet survey satellite in 2018, numerous potentially habitable exoplanets have been discovered. In the same system as the recently found TOI-715b, there may be another Earth-sized planet, possibly marking it as the “smallest habitable zone planet” discovered to date. (By Wang Pinzhi)

Source: Global Times

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