OPPO Slashes Price by $500 Just 2 Months After Release – 24GB+1TB Top Model

The Trend of 24GB RAM in Smartphones

24GB of RAM is currently the ceiling for mobile phone memory. There are no smartphones with higher RAM capacity on the market, and it is unlikely that higher RAM models will appear in the near future. However, this does not mean that 24GB of RAM is very rare. In fact, several smartphone brands have already released phones with 24GB of RAM. Interestingly, most phones equipped with 24GB of RAM are positioned as mid-range flagship models, while higher-end flagship models rarely come with 24GB of RAM.

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The reason behind this situation is primarily due to the high cost of 24GB of RAM. High-end flagship phones are already expensive, and there are relatively few consumers willing to purchase them. Introducing a 24GB RAM version would increase the price further, leading to potentially lower sales. Therefore, most manufacturers that have released phones with 24GB of RAM have not equipped their high-end new flagships with this feature. However, there are exceptions, such as the OnePlus 12 under OPPO.

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The OnePlus 12 is a high-end flagship priced starting at 4299 yuan, while its top-of-the-line version features an industry-leading 24GB+1TB configuration, reaching a price of 5799 yuan. It is expected that the sales of this top version will not be particularly high, and OPPO may not have produced this version in large quantities. The reason for launching this top version is mainly to generate buzz. This flagship is extraordinary – being the OnePlus flagship of the year, it is a truly significant product.

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Such a significant product must succeed and not fail. Therefore, OPPO gives special attention to this flagship, which not only offers better value for money compared to previous OnePlus flagships but also boasts more advanced features. The 24GB of RAM is one such feature that boosts its appeal. The number of actual buyers becomes secondary as long as it attracts consumers. Even if consumers end up buying the standard version, the existence of this top version still holds significance.

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Moreover, the premium features of this flagship extend to various aspects. It is equipped with a Hasselblad flagship triple camera setup, including the new generation flagship sensor LYT-808 developed in collaboration with Sony, achieving an industry-leading 120x zoom. Its screen sets a new benchmark with a flagship 2K display featuring 12 global firsts. The processor is top-notch Snapdragon 8Gen3, coupled with a 5400mAh battery, 100W fast charging, and 50W wireless charging. The signal quality and vibration experience are also at a high-end flagship level.

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However, to enhance competitiveness, other competitors are also stepping up their game. OPPO made a bold move by significantly reducing the price of this high-end flagship, even dropping it by as much as 500 yuan after platform subsidies. For instance, the 16GB+1TB version originally priced at 5299 yuan is now reduced to 4799 yuan after the adjustment. The base model of 12GB+256GB is now priced at around 3942 yuan, making it available for less than 4000 yuan. Given this level of attention, it is expected that this flagship, considered the highlight of the decade, will achieve impressive sales figures.

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