Samsung’s Galaxy Ring set for late ’23 launch with health tracking

Announcement from Samsung: The Upcoming Launch of Galaxy Ring Smart Ring

At the recent unveiling event of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, in addition to the new S24 devices, a brief teaser for the Galaxy Ring smart ring was also revealed.

According to the official information released, the Galaxy Ring will offer health tracking features based on AI technology. Resembling a ring in appearance, it features multiple visible sensors on the inner side. Officials have mentioned that for users who dislike wearing smartwatches while sleeping, this product will provide enhanced comfort and convenience.

Galaxy Ring

Recent reports from the media have mentioned that Daniel Seung Lee, the global director of wearables/IoT/accessories at Samsung Electronics, shared a video of the Galaxy Ring on social media. He stated, “New health wearables will be launched in the second half of the year. Stay tuned, everyone.”

It is speculated that the Galaxy Ring is likely to be featured in Samsung’s next major event later this year, where devices such as the Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Z Fold 6 foldable phone are expected to take the stage. Samsung has not disclosed the date for the next Unpacked event yet, but it typically takes place between July and September each year.

Samsung's Galaxy Ring

Leaked information suggests that the Galaxy Ring will be lightweight, offering ring faces made with three different processes and available in sizes up to 13, catering to various hand sizes.

The official statement indicates that compared to smartwatches, the Galaxy Ring is comfortable enough to be worn all day, and only continuous wear can accurately track health data to help users improve their well-being. While smartwatches come equipped with advanced sensors, most users do not wear them all the time and need to remove them for charging, failing to meet the demand for round-the-clock monitoring.

Samsung's Galaxy Ring

Although the Samsung Galaxy Ring is expected to be released in the second half of this year, some users have already spotted the Galaxy Ring icon in Samsung’s Good Lock customization app.

According to leaked images, the Galaxy Ring is currently listed alongside products like the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds in the device list of the Good Lock app, allowing users to check the battery percentage of all connected devices via the app.

This suggests that Samsung has updated the Good Lock app, possibly to support Galaxy Ring widgets.

Samsung's Galaxy Ring

It is known that Samsung has previously submitted several trademark and patent applications for smart rings equipped with ECG and PPG sensors. Hence, it is speculated that the Galaxy Ring may support measuring heart rate and setting alerts for irregular heartbeat risks.

Furthermore, there have been rumors that the Galaxy Ring might feature an SpO2 monitoring sensor, enabling it to detect blood oxygen saturation levels. However, the authenticity of this information remains to be confirmed.

No further details regarding the Galaxy Ring smart ring have been officially announced yet. However, some media outlets speculate that the Galaxy Ring might also be launched simultaneously with Samsung’s XR head-mounted device. If that’s the case, the Galaxy Ring could serve as a controller for the head-mounted device, potentially offering improved hand tracking effects and creating a more appealing device ecosystem.

Samsung's Galaxy Ring

According to previous media reports, Samsung plans to introduce an XR head-mounted device later this year, codenamed “Infinite,” with a planned release before the end of the year. The initial production volume of this device is estimated to be 30,000 units, possibly featuring Qualcomm’s next-generation XR chip.

Samsung’s XR head-mounted device trademark has already appeared in the database under the name “Samsung Glasses.”

Samsung's Galaxy Ring

As the expected release date of the Galaxy Ring approaches, more related news is expected to surface. Interested individuals are advised to keep an eye out for further updates.

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