Upgrade to Realme GT Neo5 with 3 Top Features this Lunar New Year

Realme GTNeo5: Your Ultimate Smartphone Choice

Realme GTNeo5 is a smartphone that combines high performance, excellent design, outstanding user experience, and ultimate value for money in one. Moreover, it has now entered the market at a price point below 1000 RMB, with the 12GB+256GB version priced at only 1889 RMB. It not only meets the basic needs of modern consumers for smartphones but also stands out in the highly competitive market with its unique advantages.

Upgrade to Realme GT Neo5 with 3 Top Features

Key Feature 1: 240W SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash Charging

Realme GTNeo5 globally debuts with the 240W SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash Charging. When charging at room temperature using the original data cable, the Realme GTNeo5’s battery level rises steadily in the first five minutes, reaching 60% in just 5 minutes for the 4600mAh battery. The charging process then slows down slightly, and the battery is fully charged in less than 10 minutes (specifically, in 9 minutes and 49 seconds).

With a built-in 4600mAh battery, the Realme GTNeo5 provides an exceptional battery life. Even after browsing the web for 2 hours, gaming for 3 hours, watching videos for 3 hours, and socializing for 1 hour, after continuous usage for 8 hours, the battery still retains approximately 30% charge, making it stress-free for regular users to get through a full day.

Upgrade to Realme GT Neo5 with 3 Top Features

Key Feature 2: Trendy Design for Gaming Enthusiasts

Realme GTNeo5 is marketed with the slogan “Play Trendy, Play Esports Flagship”, and the visual design of the phone is indeed very trendy. The front features a 6.74-inch straight-hole screen with a screen-to-body ratio of up to 93.69%, providing an excellent full-screen visual experience. The back of the phone adopts a new generation of diffuse AG glass technology, offering both a matte texture and a smooth touch. The white version, in particular, looks very refreshing.

The camera module design of Realme GTNeo5 incorporates a metal camera DECO and a fully transparent performance structure with an RGB circular breathing light design which can display 25 cool light effects. It supports customized settings, giving the phone a distinctive and cool look. This design element provides users with an esports atmosphere that can be integrated into gaming, charging, and even custom functions.

Upgrade to Realme GT Neo5 with 3 Top Features

Key Feature 3: Adaptive GT Mode Activation

During gaming, Realme GTNeo5 can learn the user’s gaming habits and adaptively activate the GT mode to eliminate the need for manual activation. Once this mode is activated, the phone’s refresh rate and touch sampling rate are significantly increased to provide a smoother and more responsive esports experience. Enabling GT mode on the Realme GTNeo5 further enhances the phone’s gaming frame rate adaptation, control optimization, and intelligent startup mechanism.

When playing the game “Arena of Valor”, the frame rate was set to the highest (natively supporting 120fps high frame rate) and the resolution to ultra-high. After playing for 30 minutes, the average frame rate reached a full 120fps with a 144Hz high refresh rate screen, delivering an extremely smooth and comfortable gaming experience. Thanks to the support for 120fps gaming frame rate, character movements and skill executions are incredibly fluid, without any lag or stuttering issues typically associated with lower refresh rates.

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