WeChat cluttered? 98% junk files!

Date: 2024-02-07 14:41:43

Author: Yao Liwei

The culprit behind mobile memory anxiety is none other than WeChat, which occupies a significant amount of storage space. According to statistics, each WeChat chat record takes up approximately 1GB of space. Many users tend to create numerous chat records while using WeChat, leading to WeChat occupying storage space exceeding tens to hundreds of gigabytes.

Due to WeChat consuming too much storage space, some users have to purchase phones with larger capacities to avoid inconvenience. For instance, the iPhone 15 Pro only offers 128GB of storage space, which translates to around 7.8125 yuan/GB. This means that if WeChat occupies the entire device’s storage space, it will cost the user nearly 800 yuan!

Looking back at history, the initial version of WeChat was only 457KB, and its core functions were achievable with just 199 files. However, in the latest version of WeChat, there are already 12,639 files! Therefore, some mockingly claim that 98% of the new version of WeChat is junk files!

Furthermore, there are issues with resource paths as well. For example, in the new version of WeChat, the “assets” folder contains both audio files and audio files under the “sound” subfolder, with ineffective classification and integration among different functional modules. This differs from the original WeChat system, which did not have an “assets” folder and maximized the utilization of system resources.

From the above situations, it is evident that as software and data grow, mobile memory management becomes increasingly complex. Optimizing memory usage, properly arranging file paths, and other related issues have become urgent problems in the tech industry.

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