Xiaomi Car’s Minor Crash Test! Lei Jun Unveils Cabin Design Concept

Lei Jun Promotes Xiaomi Car SU7 Interior Design on Personal Weibo

On February 6th, following his temporary departure from Xiaomi phones, Lei Jun has now fully shifted his focus to promoting Xiaomi’s car SU7 on his personal Weibo account, where he recently shared some new content.

The official explanation revealed that the interior design inspiration for Xiaomi SU7 is based on human intuition, with the aim of allowing form to follow experience. By doing so, functions naturally appear in the most comfortable positions, offering people long-lasting and pleasant companionship. This is the inspiration behind Xiaomi’s interior design concept.

Based on human-centric thinking, we have established the core principles of Xiaomi SU7 interior design: aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, intuitive, and harmoniously blending human and vehicle.

Xiaomi stated that in order to further create an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interior space, they have collaborated extensively with engineers to optimize the volume of each component. As a result, they have designed a thin floating dashboard that integrates air vents, making the overall interior feel lighter and more spacious.

The company also expressed a strong belief that physical buttons are the most natural way for humans to interact with machinery and serve as a medium to establish an emotional connection between the user and the vehicle. These buttons can be operated blindly without the need to search, providing an intuitive sense of control. Therefore, Xiaomi has insisted on retaining physical buttons, carefully selecting four functions: temperature control, air volume adjustment, electric spoiler, and air suspension.

Human-centered interior arch features, human-machine interaction, and technological driving axes are crucial sources of inspiration in Xiaomi’s interior design process. Xiaomi SU7 perfectly integrates multiple interior design attributes to create the most harmonious balance of aesthetic appeal.

Previously, Xiaomi SU7 encountered a minor collision, but fortunately, it was not a significant issue as accidents are sometimes unavoidable, especially on snowy days…

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