6 Top Smartphones to Buy This Spring Festival

As the Chinese New Year approaches, the smartphone market heats up, making it one of the prime times for mobile phone sales. This year, the release schedule of domestic manufacturers has been moved up, providing consumers with a broader selection of new models before the festival. From flagship to mid-range and entry-level models, there’s a plethora of high-quality options available in the market right now.

Considering the frequent inquiries about New Year purchases, we’ve decided to provide a focused product recommendation for this festive period. Let’s begin by looking at some of the flagship smartphones.

Camera-centric Smartphone: OPPO Find X7 Ultra

Suggested Price: CNY 5999 (12+256GB)

One of the main advantages of Android phones is their camera capabilities, especially with recent releases on the new Snapdragon platforms that have taken photographic technology in 2024 to new heights. The OPPO Find X7 Ultra stands out as quite unique, being the only model currently with a dual periscope quad-camera setup. This imaging solution is unrivaled in the market in terms of hardware capability.

As a flagship model with a camera focus, the Find X7 Ultra provides a versatile imaging experience for various photography themes, from portraits to street photography. It even supports Dolby Vision specifications across all focal lengths for video recording. Moreover, with its advanced image processing engine, the Find X7 Ultra delivers photos with a quality reminiscent of medium-format cameras. This model is perfect for capturing the beautiful moments of the Spring Festival.

Camera-centric Smartphone: Realme GT5 Pro

Suggested Price: CNY 3399 (12+256GB)

If the Find X7 Ultra’s price is above your budget but you still desire a new flagship with impressive camera capabilities, the Realme GT5 Pro is a great choice. It boasts an attractive camera configuration, including the same IMX890 periscope telephoto lens found in the higher-priced Find X7 Ultra. Realme also impresses with its partnership with Qualcomm, supporting DOL-HDR technology in the telephoto range, which enhances image clarity and dynamic range. This affordable flagship balances both impressive imaging and value.

Performance-centric Smartphone: OnePlus 12

Suggested Price: CNY 4299 (12+256GB)

When it comes to performance, it’s not just about the raw output but also how the device manages power consumption and heat. OnePlus has set the standard in these areas among domestic flagships. The OnePlus 12 is ideal for users with high-performance demands, including gaming enthusiasts. With leading-edge Snapdragon technology and a sophisticated cooling system, OnePlus 12 delivers top-tier performance in gaming and other intensive applications.

Performance-centric Smartphone: iQOO12

Suggested Price: CNY 3799 (12+256GB)

Similar to the OnePlus, the iQOO12 is focused on performance and gaming experience. With Snapdragon’s latest mobile platform, proprietary gaming technology, and significant optimization efforts for a vast array of games, the iQOO12 is a gamer’s delight. It boasts excellent performance, energy efficiency, and a high-refresh-rate display. iQOO12 is the official device for the KPL gaming competition, cementing its reputation for gaming excellence.

All-rounder Smartphone: Xiaomi 14

Suggested Retail Price: CNY 3999 (8+256GB)

Xiaomi 14 stands out in this year’s domestic flagship lineup with a balanced experience in a small screen, lightweight body. At 6.36 inches, the display offers a comfortable experience without feeling cumbersome. Despite its compact form factor, the Xiaomi 14 doesn’t compromise on imaging capabilities, sporting a Leica imaging system that rivals larger models. With robust features such as a high-grade screen, impressive performance, and water resistance, it’s a rare find in today’s array of large-screen flagships.

All-rounder Smartphone: Honor Magic 6

Suggested Price: CNY 4399 (12+256GB)

Apart from imaging and performance features, many users are concerned about battery life, and the Honor Magic series has focused on this aspect. The latest Honor Magic 6 series, equipped with second-generation “Lake Qinghai battery technology,” delivers exceptional endurance. Offering reliable all-around performance, the Honor Magic 6 has also made significant improvements on network capabilities and durability, enduring rigorous testing without damage. It’s balanced, sturdy, and a solid choice if these qualities appeal to you.

Our recommendations this time predominantly focus on flagship models, as those equipped with the third-generation Snapdragon 8 chipset demonstrate significant advantages in comprehensive experience and product quality within their respective segments. These new Snapdragon platform models are our top picks for year-end recommendations. Of course, if price is a concern and these models are out of your budget, no worries—we plan to broaden our recommendations with a range of cost-effective options for the Spring Festival.

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