Huawei Kirin CPU unveiled with in-house GPU, rivals Apple

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On January 18th, a digital tech blogger revealed the approximate specifications of Huawei’s Kirin PC processor. It is initially estimated to come with 4×TSV big cores, 4×TSV medium cores, Maleoon 910 8-10cu, dual big core NPU (Ascend Lite), dual tiny core NPU (Ascend Tiny), up to 32GB LPDDR5-6400, up to 2TB SSD, 2 or 3×USB4.0, with a performance comparable to Apple’s A12Z. It’s worth noting that Maleoon 910 is Huawei’s self-developed GPU.

Huawei Kirin CPU

It is known that the Apple A12Z is an iteration of the A12X chip. Both of these chips are variants of the A12 chip. The Apple A12Z is manufactured using 7nm technology, with a clock speed reaching up to 1.59GHz and boosting to 2.49GHz; it excels in handling graphics tasks with its 8 GPU cores.

Shortly after the release of the Huawei Mate60 series last year, there were rumors that Huawei aimed to develop HarmonyOS PCs, with the system’s basic setup already completed and expected to launch this year.

An insider analyzing the situation stated, “I believe the HarmonyOS PC is inevitable. From what I see now, PC systems do need various manufacturers to rethink their strategies since some capabilities are falling slightly behind the pace of the Internet of Everything era. To provide users with a more ultimate interactive experience, the PC’s Windows system will inevitably need a revamp or introduce a completely new PC system that is compatible with Windows.”

Moreover, the HarmonyOS PC will also feature a dedicated Kirin processor. While its performance may only be at the level of Apple processors from several years ago, it is already completely usable, and this is just the beginning.

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