Huawei Leads in Foldable Phones; Apple Enters the Game

Recently, according to a report from a research firm, Huawei has secured the top spot in the domestic market for foldable smartphones, pulling ahead significantly from the second-ranked competitor, marking a significant lead in sales. With Huawei taking the lead, Apple has also made some moves in the foldable device sector.

According to a report from the patent website Patently Apple, Apple is considering launching a foldable iPad mini, which is expected to be Apple’s first foldable screen device. The report further indicates that this foldable iPad mini from Apple is set to be released in 2025 or 2026, featuring an 8.3-inch screen.

Apple’s decision to delve into foldable screen technology is primarily driven by the increasing popularity of foldable smartphones, as sales have been steadily rising over the years. If Apple fails to introduce foldable devices soon, there is a risk of being left behind in the market in a few years. Therefore, Apple is feeling the pressure to swiftly launch its own foldable devices, with expectations of unveiling them next year, as they are already trailing behind for a few years and need to catch up to other brands to stay competitive.

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