Windows 12 Is Coming! Requires High-End Hardware

2024-02-07 12:41:54 by Yao Liwei

According to reliable sources, Microsoft is planning a major update for Windows 11 users. Although almost all overseas media believe that this update will not be named Windows 12, but is more likely to be an upgraded version of Windows 11, we still need to be patient. Currently, the market is mainly divided into two versions of Windows users: around 1 billion users are using Windows 10, while around 400 million users are using Windows 11. However, the progress of upgrading to the new version for Windows 11 is slow.

One of the key reasons is that many computers of Windows 10 users do not meet the hardware requirements of Windows 11, which has resulted in a slowdown in the upgrade speed. Furthermore, many users are not interested in the changes brought by the new system and are more willing to consider buying a new computer only when their current device cannot meet their needs. Therefore, even if a groundbreaking Windows 12 version is released, it is still difficult to encourage more people to upgrade.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft is rapidly transforming into an artificial intelligence company, and its shareholders hope to see Microsoft’s AI technology and services widely applied. For Microsoft, the next version of Windows should be familiar and easy to use. Considering that Windows 10 will end support in 2025, during this period, there is no room in the market for the upgrade of Windows 12.

In conclusion, Microsoft needs to deal with Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows.

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