Apple Files Folding Screen Patents

According to reports, there’s news suggesting that Apple is developing prototypes for at least two models of iPhones that can fold like flip phones.

Information from the Tianyancha App indicates that Apple has filed multiple patents related to foldable displays. One of the patents, titled “Hinge for Foldable Display Device,” describes a hinge with interconnected components. During the folding process, the pivot can slide along a crescent-shaped narrow groove, ensuring that adjacent components rotate relative to each other around an axis located outside the hinge and within the flexible display panel. Another patent, “Electronic Device with Flexible Display,” illustrates a foldable electronic device with a foldable housing. The foldable display can be connected to the foldable housing and bent along a curved axis when the housing is folded. The third patent, “Electronic Device with Durable Foldable Display,” features a display cover layer and a flexible display panel. The foldable display bends around a curved axis, with the corner and other edge portions of the display cover layer having greater thickness than the rest of the outer layer, ensuring satisfactory impact resistance in case of drops.

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