Apple Vision Pro Coming to China in April

2024-02-08 05:57:37 Author: Yao Liwei

Apple Vision Pro

According to a report by Wall Street News, Apple’s latest augmented reality headset product—Vision Pro, will be launched in China in April. Since its debut, this product has caught the attention of global consumers due to its unique design and powerful features.

Vision Pro is Apple’s innovative attempt in the field of augmented reality, considered a key product to kick off a new wave of innovation at Apple. Reviews indicate that this product’s primary interaction method is hand-eye coordination, and it features highly precise Slam positioning functionality. Additionally, the headset is equipped with a multitude of sensors, including 12 cameras, 5 sensors, and 6 microphones.

One of the core features of Vision Pro is for watching movies. The initial list of video content platforms includes AppleTV, Disney+, NBA: Live Games & Scores, among others. Within Vision Pro, there are various ways to watch video content, such as 180-degree immersive 3D content, large screen 3D content, large screen 2D content, and spatial video content.

In terms of display quality, the performance ensures high quality. Moreover, the video content on the platform is carefully selected premium content, providing almost photo-level quality. The movie-watching experience with Vision Pro can rival that of offline IMAX theaters, offering a superior experience compared to home projectors or TVs.

With the official launch of Apple Vision Pro in China, many consumers have expressed their intention to purchase one to experience its advanced technology and exceptional audiovisual enjoyment.

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