Debate Over the Value of Your WeChat Chats as Apps Grow Larger

Discussion on the Value of Your WeChat Chats as Apps Grow Larger

Debate Over the Value of Your WeChat Chats

On February 8, 2024, by Yao Liwei

The size of mobile applications is getting larger and larger nowadays. Especially for social media enthusiasts, WeChat chat records can occupy dozens of gigabytes of storage space. Even for those who once thought that 128GB of storage was sufficient on their phones, now they can’t fit in several applications.

Recently, a topic asking “How much are your WeChat chat records worth?” has hit the trending searches, sparking discussions among netizens. The topic introduction states that the excessive space occupied by WeChat has long been criticized by users, forcing them to purchase phones with larger storage capacity to avoid inconvenience. Taking the iPhone 15 Pro as an example, its 128GB storage space is valued at 1000 yuan, that is, 7.8125 yuan/GB.

This topic has triggered enthusiastic discussions among netizens. Some people say, “I have to clean up every day, otherwise it will prompt that there is not enough memory to use, a 5000-yuan phone, WeChat takes up 2500.” Others humorously remarked, “I don’t know if it’s worth money, but taking up memory is true, easily tens of gigabytes.”

It is worth mentioning that in version 8.0.46, WeChat has optimized its storage space. In the “Me-Settings-General-Storage Space” option, the “Other items” have been split into “Resource files and chat records of other accounts” and “Necessary files.” Among them, “Resource files and chat records of other accounts” can be cleaned up. This includes resource files needed for the operation of certain features and chat records of other accounts that have logged into the current device. Compared to the older version, with this update, WeChat can now thoroughly clean up user data and free up more space on the phone.

With the continuous development of mobile internet, the size of mobile applications is also increasing, causing certain troubles for users. For users who need a large amount of space to store WeChat chat records, this update is undoubtedly good news.

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