Huawei P70 Launch Date Set! 1-inch Sensor & HarmonyOS

Huawei to Launch P70 Series in March, Promising Enhanced Imaging Capabilities and HarmonyOS

Huawei is set to hold a product launch event after the Chinese New Year, introducing the foldable screen chip Pocket 2. However, despite the anticipation for this product, what everyone is truly looking forward to is the new P series, given that the previous P50 and P60 models, while decent, were only available in 4G variants.

Huawei P70 Series Launch

According to leaks by the insider Teme on social media, the Huawei P70 series is scheduled for a late March release. Among the recent three generations of the P series, the P40 series was launched in March 2020, the P60 series in March 2023, with only the P50 series being delayed until the second half of the year and eventually released in July 2021.

Huawei P70 Launch Date

The P70 series is poised to be Huawei’s flagship imaging device this year, with the P70 Art introducing the first utilization of the IMX989 1-inch sensor, making it Huawei’s premier 1-inch sensor imaging flagship device.

Moreover, the Pro+ model is expected to make a comeback. As per previous leaks, the P70 series will consist of four models: the standard P70, the flagship P70 Pro, the larger-sized P70 Pro+, and the specially customized P70 Art, differing mainly in imaging capabilities and chips.

Huawei P70 Features

In the P40 series released in 2020, Huawei introduced the Pro+ version for the first time. Compared to the P40 Pro, the P40 Pro+ featured a ceramic back (P40 Pro had a glass back) and a rear penta-camera setup (compared to the quad-camera setup in P40 Pro), including two telephoto lenses for capturing sharper and stabilized images. The starting price of P40 Pro+ was 7988 yuan, which was 2000 yuan more expensive than the already costly P40 Pro.

There are expectations for the P70 Pro+ and P70 Art to utilize an upgraded version of the Kirin 9000S chip, the Kirin 9010. Some bloggers have indicated that testing is already underway, although the mass-produced models may have some modifications. After all, the production capacity of Kirin 9000S currently cannot meet market demands, and typically, new flagship chips are launched with the Mate series first.

Huawei P70 Camera Features

Concerning imaging capabilities, the main cameras on the P70/70 Pro models will feature the Hawkeye OV50H sensor, while the main cameras on the P70 Pro+ and P70 Art will utilize the Sony IMX989 sensor. The entire series will support variable aperture technology alongside Huawei’s XMAGE imaging algorithm.

Apart from impressive hardware, the P70 series will also provide a taste of “Pure HarmonyOS” through native HarmonyOS applications.

Recently, Huawei initiated testing of the HarmonyOS NEXT version, which runs on a “Pure HarmonyOS” basis, utilizing the HarmonyOS kernel and exclusively supporting HarmonyOS native applications, excluding the functionality of Android apps.

Huawei P70 HarmonyOS Features

The first batch of over 200 top-tier HarmonyOS native applications is currently in accelerated development, allowing users of the Mate 60 series to upgrade and experience the new features. Compared to earlier versions, the HarmonyOS NEXT version promises six ultimate native experiences: exquisite design, user-friendliness, smoothness, security, intelligence, and interconnectedness.

Regarding pricing, the P70 series is expected to be more affordable than the Mate 60 series, with a starting price below 5499 yuan, around the 5000 yuan mark. For reference, the starting price of the P60 series was 4488 yuan (for the 128GB version).

Huawei P70 Pricing

Once again, Huawei sets the release date for the P70 series for late March, promising a 1-inch sensor for enhanced imaging and a full HarmonyOS experience. What are your expectations for the P70 series?

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