iPhone 16 Series Battery Specs Leak: Plus Size Downgrade?

iPhone 16 Series Leaks: Battery and Screen Upgrades

Published by: Jiaqi Wu on February 9, 2024 05:53:50

According to leaks from netizens, the battery capacities of the iPhone 16 series models are set for significant adjustments, but not entirely for enhancement. Specifically, the iPhone 16 is rumored to have a capacity of 3561mAh (compared to 3349mAh for the 15 series); the iPhone 16 Plus might feature 4006mAh (versus 4383mAh for the 15 Plus); and the iPhone 16 Pro Max could be equipped with a 4676mAh battery (as opposed to 4422mAh for the 15 Pro Max).

iPhone 16 Series Battery Specs Leak

Moreover, the screen sizes of the iPhone 16 Pro series are expected to undergo changes, now at 6.27 inches and 6.86 inches respectively, showing increments of 0.15 inches and 0.17 inches compared to the previous generation.

Changes in Screen Sizes

The Apple iPhone 16 series smartphones are anticipated to be launched in the fall of this year, with a focus on spatial video and AI capabilities.

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