Apple Opens iOS Sideloading: Devs Can Create Alternative App Stores

Exciting News for Developers in the EU: Apple Opens Up Opportunities for App Store Submission!

On February 10, according to reports from the media, EU developers can now submit their applications to the App Store Connect platform.

In compliance with the EU’s “Digital Markets Act,” Apple permits users to download applications from third-party app stores.

To support this initiative, Apple has introduced a “green channel” for EU developers, offering online consulting services and labs. Additionally, they have opened up 600 new API interfaces for developers to utilize.

What’s more, applications developed by EU developers can freely choose their payment service providers and are not obligated to exclusively use Apple Pay.

It is understood that the official version of iOS 17.4 will be launched in March, allowing comprehensive sideloading for EU users.

It is noteworthy that Apple still opposes sideloading. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, candidly expressed that if one wants to sideload apps, they can buy an Android phone.

Apple believes that lifting restrictions on app downloads could pose risks to users in terms of security and privacy.


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