Major Brand: No More Traditional Smartphones!

February 18

Renowned Brand Meizu

Announces Halt to Traditional Smartphone New Project

The news has sparked wide attention and discussions.

Meizu’s official WeChat post stated that currently, with the global smartphone market seeing longer replacement cycles, limited room for consumer innovation, and intensifying cutthroat competition within the industry, the smartphone sector is facing unprecedented challenges. Simultaneously, relying solely on hardware upgrades and parameter competitions in smartphone products no longer meets the diverse and comprehensive usage needs and experiences of the general consumers. The industry urgently needs to explore new sustainable development directions.

Meizu has decided to go “All in AI,” halting its traditional smartphone new project and dedicating all efforts to “AI For New Generations” in tomorrow’s devices, stepping into the broad prospects of the AI technology new wave. Through three years of ecological layout and technological accumulations, Meizu aims to gradually realize the “All in AI” vision.

Many netizens expressed:

“Such a sudden decision!”

While others said:

“Time to shift gears and roll on a new track.”


In the early hours of February 16,

OpenAI launched

Its first text-to-video model, Sora.

According to reports,

Sora can directly output videos up to 60 seconds long

Including highly detailed backgrounds

Complex multi-angle shots

And emotionally-rich characters.


In the imagined AI Chinese New Year of the Dragon, hundreds of people unfurled red flags with children closely following the dragon dance teams, gazing up with curiosity. Many took out their phones to record the scene, with a multitude of characters exhibiting various behaviors.

Unexpectedly, on the 18th, Meizu

Decided to go “All in AI.”


A spokesperson for the Meizu Group mentioned that halting the development of new traditional smartphone projects

Does not mean discontinuing the launch of phone-shaped products

Instead, it means integrating AI solutions into future products

To provide a completely different interactive experience from traditional smartphones.

Meizu reassured that during the Meizu “All In AI” transition period, the user experience and services of the original Meizu Flyme, Flyme Auto, Flyme AR, MYVU, PANDAER, and Infinite Wisdom business will remain unaffected. Existing Meizu smartphones on sale will continue to provide users with regular software and hardware maintenance services. Users who have purchased Meizu’s 20 series, Meizu 21 flagship smartphones will still enjoy their original after-sales and related services.

As the replacement cycle in the global smartphone market lengthens

At a time when smartphones are being questioned for encountering innovation bottlenecks

AI is becoming the shared direction of transformation for smartphone manufacturers.

On the same day, OPPO’s founder and CEO, Chen Mingyong, also mentioned in an internal letter that AI smartphones will become the third stage after feature phones and smartphones. OPPO is well-prepared and has established a dedicated AI center to concentrate resources on AI.


In fact, the “war” of AI smartphones ignited last year. Manufacturers like Honor, OPPO, vivo, and others have successively released smartphones equipped with large models containing 70 billion training parameters. From a user experience perspective, the most significant changes lie in the innovation of interactions and applications, like AI-generated call summaries and text-to-video functions, among others.

However, this is clearly not the ultimate form of AI smartphones. Besides application innovations, whether the inherent form, interaction modes, and profit models of smartphones and even smartphone manufacturers will truly undergo a revolutionary change is what the outside world expects most about the AI smartphone era. This will also be the challenge for Meizu and all smartphone manufacturers.

What is your view on all major brands

Venturing into the new era of AI smartphones?

What are your fantasies about the future of smartphones?

Let’s discuss in the comments section.

Source: News Plaza, China Economic Net

Interface News, Meizu Technology, CCTV

Editors: Liu Jiayong, Li Zi Qing

Proofreaders: Wu Junxia, Wu Qintong, He Chang

Reproduction kindly include the source

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