Meizu Phones Gone? Hold Off Judgment

The Cruel Competition in the Chinese Smartphone Market

It has to be said that the competition in the domestic mobile phone market in China is truly fierce nowadays. For example, one of the Top 5 companies has currently suspended the development of its foldable screen project, and two others have halted development of their small fold projects.

Surviving in the upcoming mobile phone market is indeed a very challenging task, requiring a display of real strength.

Furthermore, with the global smartphone market witnessing prolonged upgrade cycles, limited room for consumer innovation, and intensifying cutthroat competition within the industry, the mobile phone sector is facing unprecedented challenges.

For Meizu smartphones, the current market pressure is incredibly high, with rumors circulating about the disappearance of Meizu phones. This news has been quite impactful for Meizu fans.

Meizu Phones News

According to official sources, Meizu has decided to go “All in AI,” ceasing traditional “smartphone” projects. This unexpected move has caught many Meizu fans off guard.

Meizu will now focus on AI strategic positioning, restructuring the Flyme OS, creating new AI terminal devices, and opening up to leading global AI modeling teams while actively embracing OpenAI and other top international modeling teams to build a new AI ecosystem.

Crucially, Meizu has announced the suspension of projects including the ongoing development of Meizu 21 PRO, Meizu 22, Meizu 23, and plans to launch six hardware products in the next three years.

Faced with such news, many users naturally fear that Meizu phones will bid a final farewell. However, the author believes that rushing to conclusions is premature, and here are two reasons why.

Meizu Phones Update

The first reason is that Meizu 21 Pro may reappear in a different form, likely with a different name but still incorporating AI elements.

Since materials for Meizu 21 Pro have been prepared and news of it entering the network has surfaced, scrapping the project would incur substantial costs.

Although the official statement assures that the transition period will not affect Flyme, Flyme Auto, Flyme AR, MYVU, PANDAER, and the borderless intelligent travel business, traditional smart Meizu phones will continue to receive software and hardware maintenance.

Nevertheless, given the prior developments with Meizu 21 Pro, it’s possible that a name change and a new launch are in the cards. Just like how Huawei’s Mate60 Pro was known as the Satellite Mobile Terminal, Meizu could be planning a smart AI terminal this time.

Meizu Phones Expectations

The second reason is the focus on AI. Meizu is expected to integrate various AI products and software into its smartphones, enabling users to fully experience the practicality and assistance that AI brings to daily life.

Features like AI calling and intelligent image clipping, which are commonly used and in demand daily, combined with the rapid advancement of AI technology, suggest that Meizu might have some fresh ideas in store.

Although AI is powerful, it still requires platforms like AR glasses or other devices, but in terms of portability, smartphones are more practical. Additionally, bidding farewell to traditional smartphones doesn’t imply abandonment in the future, so a wait-and-see approach is advisable.

Meizu Phones Rumors

Furthermore, users’ desire to upgrade their phones is gradually decreasing nowadays. Despite continuous enhancements in various parameters and system surprises, users are finding it challenging to feel a sense of novelty.

While Meizu phones once introduced the “three zero” operating system, convincing users to make a purchase still poses its difficulties.

With competitors improving their eco-interconnection and brand influence significantly, catching up for Meizu is indeed very tough.

Hence, the current situation is as it is. By combining Flyme’s system with intelligent AI, perhaps Meizu might offer many unique developments in the future.

Meizu Phones Changes

Of course, most of these points are speculative. The changes in Meizu’s strategies will indeed bring some different choices for users.

For instance, existing Meizu users are already considering quitting, turning to other brands despite having Meizu phones. Users of Meizu 21 are also concerned, fearing that after Meizu’s support period of two to three years, there might be a lack of further advancements.

In any case, the overall situation with Meizu phones can indeed be described as “turbulent.” So let’s wait and see what the future holds.

Meizu Phones Discussion

In conclusion, innovation in the smartphone industry today seems more like an arms race of stacking specifications: increasing memory, CMOS size, battery capacity, fast charging, and so on.

Moreover, in the industry, the methods of communication have increasingly involved exposing shortcomings, malicious attacks, and astroturfing, which can be quite disheartening.

So, what are your thoughts on Meizu’s new decision? Feel free to reply and discuss.

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