AI-powered Sora Blends Sci-Fi with Reality

AI-generated videos are taking the internet by storm, with Sora gaining immense popularity. The development of artificial intelligence is not only sparking public discussions but also empowering modern human life. In recent years, AI technology has been increasingly integrated into various fields, making many “impossibilities” become realities. For example, with the support of artificial intelligence technology, humanoid robots can independently pick up a paintbrush, stand in front of an easel, and create a complete painting. Image Source: Visual China

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2024 held in Las Vegas, USA showcased a robotic barista that garnered much attention. The robotic barista is expected to help coffee shops achieve full automation. With maintenance-free components, the robotic barista can work around the clock and prepare custom coffees in seconds. Image Source: Visual China

Also exhibited at the same event was the Perfecta artificial intelligence grill produced by Seer Grills, which is closely related to people’s lives and promises to bring many conveniences when put into use. Image Source: Visual China

Artificial intelligence technology has made significant contributions to the medical field as well. The “Pepper” robot, manufactured by Aldebaran Robotics and designed by scientists in Rostock, is used to care for stroke patients. Image Source: Visual China

In the field of cultural heritage preservation, three researchers in the United States used AI to decipher a 2000-year-old scroll that had been burnt during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, making a significant contribution. Image Source: Visual China

Recently, OpenAI suddenly released its first AI-generated video model: Sora (Sora means “sky” in Japanese, with extended meanings of “freedom”). It has greatly surpassed industry indicators, redefining the current technological limits of AI-generated videos and disrupting the global market landscape of generative AI in the video field. Image Source: Visual China

Industry reactions have been most impressed by Sora’s breakthrough in video length. Sora can generate videos lasting up to 1 minute, far exceeding other AI video models on the market. Image Source: Visual China

With simple text commands, Sora can directly output videos as long as 60 seconds, featuring intricate backgrounds, complex multi-angle shots, and emotionally rich characters. The buzz around technologies like ChatGPT and Sora has captured people’s attention, prompting us to consider how to effectively utilize these technologies. Image Source: Visual China (Editor: Li Xinxin)

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