iPhone 16: Better Mic & Waterproofing

Apple’s Latest Innovation: Upgraded Microphone and Waterproofing for iPhone 16 Series

Recently, according to a report by IT Home citing analysis from the analyst Jeff Pu at Huatai Securities, Apple’s next-generation flagship phones in the iPhone 16 series will undergo a significant hardware upgrade – a comprehensive improvement of the microphone. This enhancement is expected to significantly increase the signal-to-noise ratio of the devices. This means that when using the voice function, the device will be able to capture sound more clearly, effectively reducing background noise interference.

iPhone 16 upgrade

In the report, Jeff Pu pointed out that this microphone upgrade will bring users a more outstanding voice experience, especially when using voice assistants like Siri. With the improvement in signal-to-noise ratio, Siri will be able to recognize and understand users’ commands more accurately, thereby providing more precise and personalized services. Additionally, he also predicted that in the iOS 18 system set to be released later this year, Apple will further revamp Siri, introducing generative artificial intelligence features to make it even smarter and more practical.

It is worth mentioning that this microphone upgrade will also include an enhancement in waterproofing performance. This means that in the future iPhone 16 series, users will not have to worry about rainwater or other liquids damaging the device’s microphone, allowing them to enjoy stable, high-quality voice services in various environments.

Moreover, according to Jeff Pu’s research report released earlier this month, some of the generative AI features in the iOS 18 system may be limited to only the iPhone 16 models. These features will mainly rely on support from the Neural Engine in the built-in A18 and A18 Pro chips. This limitation may be in place to ensure that the new features make full use of the hardware performance, thereby providing users with the best experience possible.

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