Is AI the Future of Phones? OPPO Founder: 2024 Marks the AI Phone Era

2024: The Year of AI Phones

The year 2024 is destined to be a challenging year for iPhones. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 surpassing Apple’s A-series seems almost certain. Huawei’s HarmonyOS ecosystem is getting richer, potentially leading to a three-way competition among iOS, Android, and HarmonyOS. Samsung and OPPO have taken the lead in focusing on AI, outpacing Apple.

AI Phones

While Apple once overturned Nokia with the iPhone, could there be something else surpassing smartphones now? Surprisingly, yes! Samsung’s S24 series and OPPO’s Find X7 series are fully embracing AI. OPPO even launched the ColorOS AI Spring Edition to over tens of millions of users, bringing AI experiences to many during the Chinese New Year.

AI Features

Many may wonder about the usefulness of AI phones. For instance, OPPO introduced a Little Bo AI erase feature that can remove objects from images with just one click, producing results close to manual editing with professional software but superior to other phones. This feature is a great help for landscape or portrait photography enthusiasts. Additionally, there are features like Little Bo AI call summaries and Little Bo Assistant AI Q&A.

AI Capabilities

AI Capabilities

AI Capabilities

AI Capabilities

It’s crucial to note that these are just the initial outcomes of the AI phone era in 2024. The next five years will surely bring significant advancements, akin to the early days of smartphones. No wonder OPPO’s founder, Chen Mingyong, mentioned in a letter to OPPO partners that AI phones will be the third stage in the mobile industry after feature phones and smartphones. What do you think, will AI be the future of phones?

AI Future

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