Meizu pivots from phones to focus on AI

Meizu Technology Shifts from Smartphones to AI Focus

Meizu Technology recently announced a significant decision: it will completely halt its traditional smartphone business and instead focus entirely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) field. This news has drawn wide attention from the industry.

Meizu Shifts Focus to AI

Meizu Technology, once held by the automotive manufacturer Geely, has a glorious history in the field of smartphones and has launched several well-received products. However, facing intensified market competition and changing consumer demands, Meizu has decided to seek a new breakthrough.

According to internal sources, the FlymeOS team will undergo restructuring to concentrate on developing new AI terminal devices. These devices will fully leverage cutting-edge LLM (Large Language Model) technology globally, like Open AI, to offer users more intelligent and convenient services.

In fact, Meizu had already made moves in the AI field before this transformation. The previously launched Flyme Auto system was designed as an information and entertainment system for Geely’s cars (including brands like Polestar and Lotus). This system seamlessly connects with FlymeOS 10 devices, providing users with a rich in-car experience. This initiative laid a solid foundation for Meizu in multi-platform experiences.

Regarding this decision, Shen Ziyu, Chairman and CEO of Meizu Technology, stated: “The upgrade cycle of smartphone users is getting longer, and product homogenization is severe. We believe that AI technology will be the core driving force for future technological development. Therefore, we have decided to fully invest in the AI field to create more innovative and competitive products.”

It is understood that Meizu plans to launch a new mobile operating system tailored for the AI era in 2024 and intends to release its first hardware product supporting AI later this year. For existing smartphone users, Meizu promises to continue providing support and services, including maintenance at offline stores in China. However, the company has not yet given a clear response about its support for overseas markets.

Meizu’s transformative decision undoubtedly presents both challenges and opportunities. As a former leading brand in smartphones, whether Meizu can achieve new brilliance in the field of AI remains to be seen. Let’s wait and see.

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