OnePlus 12, Ace 3: AI Boost!

Embracing the AI Era in 2024

Since the year 2024, AI has become a hot topic of discussion for everyone. From OpenAI’s released video Sora to the launch of numerous new AIPC products and the AI smartphones that various major phone manufacturers are following up with, it seems like AI is getting closer and closer to us, ordinary consumers. Therefore, in order to keep up with the wave of the AI era, it might be a good choice to treat yourself to an AI device as you start the new year. For most people, purchasing an AI smartphone would be a more widely used and practical option.

Coincidentally, not long ago, two cost-effective models from OnePlus, “OnePlus 12” and “OnePlus Ace 3,” both received comprehensive upgrades to their large AI models, supporting nearly a hundred AI functions. OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Ace 3 are models that are already considered value-for-money, even though their configurations were relatively basic. With the addition of AI functions, their practicality and user-friendliness have seen a significant improvement, making them indeed suitable for the general public to explore AI options. So, what are some useful AI functions of these two models worth paying attention to?

Both of these models come equipped with outstanding imaging systems, such as the Hasselblad full-focal-length Super Imaging System of OnePlus 12, which can even compete with many pro-level imaging flagships. Naturally, users will be more inclined to use them for photography. For friends who often take photos, the newly added AI removal function on these two models is very practical. It can accurately eliminate unwanted parts of photos and intelligently fill in the background through AI, making the photos look seamless without any discrepancies. Even messy-looking photos taken in daily life can instantly look clean and neat.

Another noteworthy feature is the AI call summary function. When users make or receive calls, by simply enabling this function, the phone will intelligently recognize the call content, extract key information such as time, location, schedules, etc., through AI, and generate a textual summary of the call. Additionally, it can generate to-do lists, making it convenient for users to view. With this feature, users won’t need to repeatedly listen to call recordings for important calls, making things much easier.

When it comes to AI, everyone is most familiar with various AI voice assistants. These two models have also introduced a new Xiao Bu Assistant. With the support of AI, the user experience of the new Xiao Bu Assistant is more intelligent, understands users better, and offers more features. For example, it can generate various types of reports, PPT outlines, best wishes, etc., with just a sentence, providing users with a lot of help in their daily work and life.

In conclusion, after the addition of large AI models, OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Ace 3, these new AI features are indeed very practical, allowing ordinary users to experience the convenience brought by AI. And considering that these two models are already highly acclaimed and cost-effective, they become even more appealing after the incorporation of AI. For friends thinking of purchasing a new phone for the new year, focusing on these two models would definitely be a smart choice.

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