Scammed User Loses $5K on Fake Wallet App in Apple’s App Store

Security Alert: Fake Rabby Wallet App Scams Thousands on Apple App Store

On February 20th, following the counterfeit applications of “LastPass” and pirated media, the security of the Apple App Store is once again put to the test. Reports indicate that a fake Rabby wallet application named “Rabby Wallet & Crypto Solution” has successfully been listed on the App Store, deceiving users out of at least thousands of dollars.

Fake Wallet App

This fraudulent app claims to be the official application for Rabby Wallet. However, as the official app has not yet been approved by the App Store, users searching for relevant keywords may only see one related result, making it easy to fall into the trap.

The developer, DeBank Global Pte.Ltd., has been warning customers not to use this fake application. Meanwhile, blockchain services can also be accessed through Mac applications or Chrome browser extensions.

A user disclosed on Apple’s support page that this counterfeit app has been around for years, admitting to being scammed approximately $5,000. They have filed a support case with Apple, hoping for compensation, as the app has been reported multiple times over the past four years.

This incident once again raises doubts about the security of the Apple App Store. Users should remain vigilant, avoid downloading and using unverified applications to safeguard their personal property and data security.

It is hoped that the exposure of this incident will remind users to be wary of the risks posed by fake applications, strengthen scrutiny of the sources of applications, and protect personal information and assets.

Fake Wallet App Scam

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