Sold Out 600K in 5 Min: 16GB/256GB Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Now Just $349

Even though people cannot predict the future, they can infer the outcome based on the information at hand. For instance, in the mobile phone industry, even before some phones are released, many insiders already have a hunch that they will sell very well. This is because for a phone to sell well, it only needs to meet two conditions: the brand must have extremely high popularity, coupled with a product that is highly competitive. Models that meet these two conditions, even if their initial sales are not outstanding, will surely not be lacking in total sales later on.

Moreover, if such a phone belongs to a well-reputed classic series, then it will become an instant hit as soon as it is launched. Just like Huawei’s Mate series flagships and Apple’s annual best-selling iPhone, many consumers decide to purchase them without even knowing their specific configurations. Xiaomi also has such models under its belt, like the annual Redmi K series flagship. For example, after the latest Redmi K70 series was released, many consumers decided to buy it without much hesitation.

Xiaomi phones are already popular, their models are competitive, and the Redmi K series is a classic. It is the heavyweight flagship under Xiaomi’s ultimate cost-effective sub-brand, Redmi. Although it may not have the same fame as Xiaomi’s digital series flagships, its lower price and higher cost performance make its sales more stable. Every generation of models becomes a hit. This time, the latest Redmi K70 series is no exception, selling 600,000 units in just 5 minutes after being launched, especially the Redmi K70 performed exceptionally well.

Consumers do not need to hesitate when purchasing such phones because this series is like Xiaomi’s “golden signboard”; Xiaomi will not mess it up. Each model of every generation is particularly sincere and hard to beat at the same price point. The Redmi K70 is no different, being a flagship phone powered by the Snapdragon 8Gen2 processor. The 12GB+256GB standard version is priced at only 2499 yuan, at one point being the lowest-priced Snapdragon 8Gen2 flagship on the market. Moreover, the other configurations of this flagship are also impressive.

This powerful flagship phone is not biased towards performance; its screen, camera, battery life, and fast charging are all outstanding. The screen is not only a new type of narrow-frame straight screen but also a high-end 2K flagship screen. The display material is also the latest C8 level, providing high brightness and power-saving features. In terms of photography, it has OIS optical image stabilization triple cameras at the back, with the main camera being the impressive Light Hunter 800. Additionally, this phone comes with 120W fast charging, a 5000mAh large battery, and the latest MIUI system, ensuring smooth performance even after long-term use.

However, after the release of this highly competitive flagship, competitors had to follow suit and release similar flagships. Now, Xiaomi has once again taken action by reducing the price of this flagship smartphone. Currently, not only has its starting price been reduced to 2298 yuan, but even the price of the 16GB+256GB high-end version has dropped to around 2458 yuan, offering even higher cost performance. Therefore, it can be safely said that classic flagship series like this from Xiaomi can be purchased with confidence since Xiaomi itself will not allow its competitiveness to be lower than that of its competitors.

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