Top 5 Local Brand Halts Foldable Phone? OPPO: On Schedule

Recently, digital blogger @数码闲聊站 revealed that “One of the Top5 companies has paused the development of foldable screen projects, and two others have paused the development of small foldable projects.” Another digital blogger, @旺仔百事通, affirmed this information by stating, “Last month I already knew that one company was planning to pause foldable projects this year, but the foldable screen they released last year was indeed well done.” This disclosure has sparked speculation among netizens about which brand is being referred to.


Engaging with netizens, @数码闲聊站 disclosed that this brand is one of the “Top5 domestic mobile phone brands, excluding Apple,” and that “Ami is in normal iteration.” Based on the current market share and the number of foldable screen products launched, it is unlikely that this brand comes from Huawei or Honor.

Huawei and Honor

Currently, Huawei occupies a large share of the domestic foldable screen smartphone market and the high-end foldable screen smartphone market through its Mate X series, thanks to consumer acceptance. Honor also introduced a considerable number of foldable screen models last year among domestic brands. Furthermore, both brands have received good reviews for their foldable screen smartphones, so it is unlikely that they are the ones pausing their projects.

Huawei and Honor

So, which three of the Top5 domestic smartphone brands that have paused the development of foldable screen phones as mentioned in the disclosure? Currently, all Top5 domestic smartphone brands have released large foldable screen smartphones, but neither Honor nor Xiaomi has released small foldable screen phones. Oppo and vivo have launched several generations of small foldable screens, with good sales performance. Particularly for OPPO, they achieved good results in the small foldable field last year.


Coincidentally, there were earlier reports from South Korean media that Huawei is expected to launch a device (phone or tablet) that can achieve three folds in the first half of 2024. This move could potentially disrupt the tablet market, which is currently dominated by Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. However, OPPO and vivo have decided to completely withdraw from the foldable screen device sector for reasons that are not yet known. A netizen in the comments section mentioned, “The reason for OPPO’s suspension is not due to poor sales but rather high repair rates leading to uncontrollable costs.” However, the veracity of this information is still unknown.


Earlier, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had also mentioned in a report that OPPO and vivo have shelved their plans to release new vertically folding screen models in 2024. Regarding the online rumors, OPPO was the first to respond, stating that the folding series products are progressing according to plan. According to data published by several market research agencies, the OPPO Find N3 Flip, a vertical foldable screen model, led in sales within the category of “small foldable” in the Chinese market in 2023. The other major smartphone brands have not responded yet.

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