Xiaomi 14 Ultra Out, Starts at ¥6499, Zhang Yimou as Advisor

On February 22nd, Xiaomi held a new product launch event in Beijing under the theme “Human, Car, Home, Full Ecology.” They unveiled their flagship professional imaging phone, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, starting at a price of 6499 yuan, along with several other products including the Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro 12.4, Redmi Book Pro 2024 series, and Redmi Display G Pro 27. Xiaomi’s partner and President, Lu Weibing, stated that this launch signifies a new breakthrough for the company in terms of cognition, technology, and strategy, indicating an industry evolution towards higher levels.

In the field of mobile imaging, Xiaomi has collaborated closely with Leica to establish the “Xiaomi x Leica Optical Research Institute.” The Xiaomi 14 Ultra marks a new milestone in their partnership with its advanced optical system and computational photography technology. This phone is equipped with top-tier Summilux Leica optical lenses, a large-aperture quad camera setup, and the largest aperture in the mobile sector to date, supporting the second-generation light-connotation LY-900 one-inch ultra-large sensor for capturing rich details. Furthermore, its AI big-model computational photography platform brings three new capabilities: UltraRAW super celluloid, UltraZoom super zoom, and UltraSnap super snapshot.

To further enhance imaging standards, Xiaomi has enlisted Zhang Yimou as the Chief Imaging Consultant. Through collaboration with Zhang Yimou, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra now features two distinctive functions, “Master Portrait” and “Master Start Shooting,” elevating the aesthetic level of the images.

From a technological perspective, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra incorporates the self-developed Penglai T1 signal enhancement chip and introduces a pioneering bi-directional satellite communication system. Through integration with Xiaomi’s Penglai OS optimization, it achieves efficient satellite communication capabilities. Additionally, this phone integrates Xiaomi’s Jinsha River battery, boasting high energy density and silicon content, thereby extending the battery life.

Apart from the imaging upgrades, Xiaomi has also introduced other product lines under the “Human, Car, Home, Full Ecology” strategy. The Redmi Book Pro 2024 series leverages Xiaomi’s Penglai OS to provide cross-device and application circulation experiences. The Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro 12.4 offers a smooth multi-window user experience and integrates with the Xiaomi SU7 car for in-car connectivity. The brand-new Redmi Display G Pro 27 targets the professional esports market.

During the event, Lu Weibing also announced Xiaomi’s global market layout, revealing their upcoming global launch event in Barcelona aimed at promoting the Xiaomi “Human, Car, Home, Full Ecology” strategy and Xiaomi’s Penglai OS, as well as introducing the Xiaomi 14 Ultra to the global market.

Overall, through this launch event, Xiaomi has showcased a comprehensive uplift in its technological innovation and strategic deployment, centered around the “Human, Car, Home, Full Ecology” concept, driving collaborative industry chain services for an intelligent ecosystem serving people. The debut of Xiaomi’s car SU7 further reaffirms Xiaomi’s strength in hardcore technological innovation, laying a solid foundation for the company’s future development.

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