Xiaomi 14 Ultra Unveiled: Worth Buying?

Introducing the Xiaomi 14 Ultra: A Masterpiece of Mobile Imaging and Power

Xiaomi’s highly anticipated “Ultra” model in its digital series has been turning heads since the unveiling of the powerhouse Xiaomi 10 Ultra at the brand’s 10th-anniversary event in 2020.

Fast forward to 2022, with the announcement of Xiaomi’s in-depth collaboration with Leica, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra firmly established the “Ultra” models as the flagships for professional imaging prowess.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra

The latest top-tier model to hit the market, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, is capturing the attention of enthusiasts everywhere. This new release features formidable hardware upgrades, a sleeker body design, and even supports bidirectional satellite communication, ensuring its exceptional overall performance. Let’s dive into the specifications that make the Xiaomi 14 Ultra a must-see for tech aficionados.

As for pricing, here are the options:

  • 12+256GB version for ¥6499.
  • 16+512GB version for ¥6999.
  • 16+1TB version for ¥7799.

Offering three memory variants, with prices starting at ¥6499, the new Ultra represents an increase over the previous generation. In terms of color, it comes in three stunning finishes: Black, White, and Can-centric Crystal Blue. While the back cover retains its professional camera pedigree, the newer model has a smoother finish reinforced with a robust “Dragon Armor” structure, enhancing both durability and impact resistance.

If you’re enthusiastic about this smartphone, a visit to the official Xiaomi website is in order.

Here’s a more detailed look at what the Xiaomi 14 Ultra has in store:

Under the hood, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is powered by the third-generation Snapdragon 8, with a new and improved dual-loop liquid cooling system for stable, high-performance output. It houses the cutting-edge Xiaomi Jinsha River battery technology, which, despite being 8% smaller, boosts the battery capacity by 300mAh to a generous 5300mAh. This advancement establishes industry-leading metrics in silicon content, battery density, and lifespan. Charging is a breeze with 90W wired and 80W wireless fast charging, ensuring long-lasting battery life. The Xiaomi 14 Ultra also supports bidirectional satellite communication and benefits from the signal-boosting Xiaomi Penglai T1 chip, improving cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth performance for more stable connectivity.

In terms of display, the device boasts a professional 6.73-inch 2K true color screen, with features such as multi-screen color matching and a 1–120Hz LTPO adaptive refresh rate, peaking at 3000 nits brightness. Color calibration at the classical 110 nit and 500 nit brightness levels fosters a top-notch visual experience. The Xiaomi 14 Ultra continues the classic three-section design, with a fully wrapped metal mid-frame for increased protection. The available colors are Black, White, and Can-centric Crystal Blue, plus a special Titanium edition. The new structural design employs high-strength materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, including high-strength aluminum alloy frames, Xiaomi Dragon Crystal Glass, Kevlar, and Xiaomi Dragon Crystal Ceramic, ensuring superior toughness and impact resistance.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra - Camera

Imaging is where the Xiaomi 14 Ultra truly shines. It incorporates the new Xiaomi AISP AI massive computation photography framework, offering high-quality Super Snapshot and professional Super Film modes. The handset is equipped with a Leica quad-camera system featuring flagship telephoto lenses using the IMX858 sensor. With Ultra Zoom AI and the second-generation one-inch LYT-900 sensor and new Summilux lenses, the device achieves multi-focal lengths, large aperture across all focal lengths, high dynamic range, focal length consistency, and superb light intake, significantly enhancing imaging capabilities. It supports a Professional Street Photography mode 2.0 for quick capture, with 0.7 seconds required for a snapshot, and an upgraded Xiaomi Portrait LM model for more depth in portraits. The phone also caters to videography enthusiasts with full focal length 8K video, 4K 120fps high-speed shooting, and 4K 60fps all-focal length zoom, made even more accessible with new easy shooting features.

Moreover, it has been reported that on February 25, Xiaomi will hold a global launch event in Barcelona to unveil its “Human-Car-Home Ecosystem” strategy and the Xiaomi Penglai OS, marking the first worldwide sale of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra.

In summary, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra doesn’t skimp on features, with the most powerful Leica optics to date and the new Xiaomi AISP computing photography platform, pushing the imaging abilities to new heights. Building upon the impressive imaging foundation of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, the new model expresses even greater confidence in the mobile imaging field. With these top-tier specs, Xiaomi 14 Ultra doesn’t just start a new chapter in mobile imaging innovation and exploration of photographic artistry; it also delivers a smooth, stable, and compelling shooting experience.

If you have a passion for life, love capturing every spectacular moment, and appreciate the art of light and shadow, there’s no question that the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is the ultimate solution. For the everyday user, the Ultra’s dedication to peak technological advancement makes it a highly commendable flagship Android device, more than just a specialist in imaging.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra - Ecosystem

Buying Advice:

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra is outstandingly equipped in every aspect, with almost no weaknesses. The only slight drawback may be its weight; it’s a device that feels substantial in hand, which could be uncomfortable for those who prefer something lighter. Yet, given its high-end flagship status, it’s no surprise that such extensive features come with a bit of heft. Despite that, the improvements in screen form and tactile experience are undeniable. For those with a robust budget, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is definitely worth the investment, and its signal quality is exceptionally solid.

Finally, should you have any more thoughts about the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, feel free to comment below and join the discussion with Mingmei Unlimited!

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