Xiaomi & Leica Institute: Over 200 Experts Unite for Unprecedented Xiaomi 14 Ultra

Tech News on February 19th: Xiaomi and Leica Optical Research Institute Officially Established

Today, Xiaomi announced the official establishment of Xiaomi × Leica Optical Research Institute.

According to reports, the institute brings together more than 200 experts working collaboratively, focusing on four major technological directions, aiming to set new leading optical standards.

These include ultra-precision optical design, high-performance computational photography, cutting-edge optoelectronic technology, and advanced lens optical standards.


The upcoming Xiaomi 14 Ultra will be the first product born under this system, with officials claiming it will challenge unprecedented optical quality.

In terms of hardware, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra will feature the new Leica Summilux optical lens, with the main camera using the second-generation one-inch image sensor Sony LYT-900, and equipped with a second-generation stepless variable aperture, with a maximum aperture of ƒ/1.63, allowing up to 100% more light than the iPhone 15 Pro Max.


Moreover, the device will also come with the Leica Summilux flagship dual telephoto lenses, one being a 75mm 3.2x portrait telephoto lens, and the other a 120mm 5x periscope telephoto lens.

These two lenses both use the IMX858 sensor, internally referred to as the “little giant” by Sony, offering a higher dynamic range and greater light intake, making the distant and close-up details of photos more distinct.



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