Apple’s First Foldable May Not Be an iPhone: Perhaps an iPad or MacBook

Apple’s First Foldable Device Might Not Be an iPhone

According to Whip Bullfighter, on the evening of February 23rd, as reported by foreign media, if you’re eager for Apple’s foldable device, it might hit the market as early as next year, but it may not be an iPhone.


According to DigiTimes, sources from the supply chain have mentioned that Apple has been working on its first foldable product for at least five years. The publication confirms previous rumors stating that this foldable device will be a larger one, not an iPhone but possibly a tablet or a laptop.

Reportedly, the design work for this device is currently underway before the mass production plans.

Considering that hinge mechanisms for foldable devices have become increasingly advanced in recent years, the main challenge for this device might be developing a display panel that meets quality standards. Current reports suggest that the rumors about Apple halting the development of foldable display panels from Samsung and undergoing internal reshuffling to assign Vision Pro engineers to the foldable project are not contradictory as the company prioritizes quality above all.

The report also notes that Apple has not stopped its research and development on foldable devices, with several departments within the company working on different foldable product lines. Nevertheless, Apple’s first foldable device may not be launched until 2025 at the earliest, and regardless of which foldable device is released first, there might still be a lot of work to be done.

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