Lu Weibing Teases Mi 14 Ultra with 60X Zoom: Rivals Telescope

Lu Weibing Teases Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s Exceptional Zoom Capabilities

On February 24, according to the latest report from Fast Technology, this afternoon Lu Weibing shared the latest sample pictures taken with the Xiaomi 14 Ultra.

Lu Weibing stated: “I got up early and captured the morning in Barcelona, ​​while also testing the #Xiaomi14ultra#’s Super Zoom feature. The three photos are taken at 1X, 30X, and 60X respectively, capturing a small building on a distant mountain. Feel free to experience it. Could this be the most powerful telescopic zoom?”

From the images, the 30X photo remains very clear, while there is a slight smudging effect on the trees in the 60X photo, but the overall texture is still well preserved.




Most importantly, in the 1X photo, it’s almost impossible to locate the positions where the next two photos were taken (seemingly within the red frame). This effect rivals that of a telescope.

It is understood that as Xiaomi’s latest flagship imaging device, the imaging system remains a top priority for the Xiaomi 14 Ultra. This phone features two flagship telephoto lenses: a 75mm floating telephoto lens with a large f/1.8 aperture, supporting 3.2x optical zoom.

Additionally, there is a 120mm periscope-style super-telephoto lens with the aperture improved from f/3.0 on the Xiaomi 13 Ultra to f/2.5, supporting 5x optical zoom.

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra also boasts the “Ultra Zoom” AI super zoom feature, ensuring clarity even at zoom levels above 30X. Lei Jun stated that this marks a new “miracle” in computational photography through AIGC.

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