Some Apple Vision Pro units have identical cracks on the glass cover

Apple Vision Pro Users Report Identical Cracks on Glass Cover

On February 24th, according to a report by Whip OX, a small number of Apple Vision Pro users claim that a thin crack has appeared in the middle of the front glass of their earbuds, even though they have never been dropped or mishandled.

The first report was posted approximately 18 days ago on Reddit’s /r/VisionPro subreddit, and more reports have surfaced last week. All images show clearly similar vertical hairline cracks above the bridge of the nose, indicating damage occurring at specific tension points, which are the most pronounced curves in the laminated glass.

We couldn’t find more similar reports on social media, Apple’s online support community, or MacRumors forums, indicating that this is likely a manufacturing defect limited to a small batch of devices rather than a widespread issue.

These reports mention that the cracks suddenly appeared after the earbuds were connected to an external battery pack and stored overnight with the soft front cover attached (some inside Apple’s travel case), without any apparent reason.

One theory suggests that the cracks are a result of pressure exerted on the glass when tightening the straps, causing the surrounding frame to bend. Others speculate that the issue might be due to overheating causing the glass to expand and crack at its weakest point. Given that the battery is external to the earbuds, any heat generated could potentially be due to runaway background software processes.

Apple’s documentation states that the Apple Vision Pro continues to draw power from the battery pack when not in use, allowing the device to sync emails, photos, and other data. If left unworn for 24 hours, the Vision Pro will automatically shut down.

The deductible for glass cover repairs through AppleCare is $300. For those without AppleCare coverage, the same repair will cost $800. Some affected users have reported contacting Apple support and being asked to pay for the repair as the cracks have not been officially recognized as a manufacturing defect.

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