Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker; Huawei’s New 80W Max Wireless Charger

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Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker is now available for purchase at 499 yuan.

It is reported that the Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker is equipped with a flagship 5-unit sound configuration, and its acoustic architecture is claimed to be “specially developed for outdoor scenarios”, using a combination of dual high-frequency units and a track-type mid-low frequency unit, supporting 360° omni-directional sound projection.

Moreover, the total power of the Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker’s speaker reaches up to 40W, with a volume of up to 93dB. It supports Bluetooth 5.3 and LHDC music playback.

With tuning through the Harman AudioEFX audio software, it can produce clearer and more balanced sound effects. Featuring upgraded Xiaomi proprietary audio calculation for personalized sound preferences based on audio preference tests, it can adapt and store individual listening experiences as “Xiaomi Audio ID”.

The Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker also offers various audio styles, switchable through the Mi Home app, and allows manual adjustment of the frequency response curve to enhance or diminish the sound response.

In terms of smart features, the speaker is integrated with Xiaomi Penglai Smart Connection, enabling deep integration with the Xiaomi Penglai OS mobile operating system. It supports NFC touch connection, simultaneous connection with 2 mobile phones (source rotation), and allows for color adjustment of the RGB ambient light strip via the Mi Home app.

Additionally, it is rated IP67 for dust and water resistance, with a body made of durable fabric that is resistant to scratches and abrasion for outdoor use. It includes a built-in 4800mAh battery, providing up to 17 hours of playback on full charge, Type-C 22.5W fast charging, and can also be used as an emergency power bank.

In other aspects, two Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers can be combined for stereo sound, and can be connected in series with Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker Mini, supporting a maximum of 8 units.

Today, Huawei’s official website released a new super-fast wireless charger named “Max 80W”.

According to Huawei’s official website, Max 80W is a wireless car charger.

In terms of design, the car charger features a newly upgraded dual-coil design to expand the effective charging range, compatible with a wider range of phone brands and models, including foldable phones.

Max 80W allows for one-handed operation, with the clamp arm opening instantly when the phone is near the charger; a simple touch on the sides activates the unlocking sensor, making it easy to pick up with one hand. It has a dual interface design, enabling simultaneous connection to the wireless car charger and a dashcam.

In terms of efficiency, the car charger supports a maximum power of 80W, ensuring that drivers have no worries about phone battery levels during their journeys. (This product needs to be used with a standard car charger and a Huawei phone that supports 80W wireless charging.)

Equipped with a 3D air-cooling heat dissipation system, with an independent heat dissipation vent; coupled with an enlarged heat sink, it effectively cools the stand and phone, ensuring efficient charging.

For installation, Max 80W offers two mounting options: it can be directly installed on the air vent grille hook (in conjunction with a triangular bracket for stability) or on the dashboard (by attaching the base), supporting both horizontal and vertical charging modes.

Additionally, it supports FOD foreign object detection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and multiple charging safeguards, ensuring users can use it with confidence.

Note: The above information is sourced from Kuai Technology.

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