ByteDance: No Chinese Sora Yet

On the morning of February 20th, there were rumors circulating that ByteDance had pioneered an innovative video model named Boximator in China, claiming it had revolutionary technological features that could precisely control the movements of people or objects in videos through text input. However, in response to this hotly debated topic, individuals associated with ByteDance quickly clarified that Boximator is currently just a research project on a technical method and has not matured into a complete product yet.

ByteDance's Response

According to ByteDance, although Boximator has made some progress in controlling object movements in the field of video generation, it still lags significantly behind leading foreign video generation models in terms of picture quality, fidelity, and video duration. As a result, the company currently has no plans to release it to the market but will continue to invest in research and development, striving to enhance the model’s performance in hopes of making greater breakthroughs in the future of video generation.

ByteDance emphasizes that the company is committed to advancing technological innovation and applications. Throughout the product development process, they always adhere to user needs and market feedback to ensure that every technology and product they introduce can provide users with high-quality, stable, and reliable services. Therefore, regarding Boximator, which is still in the development stage, ByteDance calls on users and the media to show more understanding and support, collectively looking forward to its performance in the future.

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