Dry iPhone, skip rice & hairdryer

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Apple recently released an official guide addressing the issue of iPhone water damage, providing some tips for users who may encounter this problem. At the same time, Apple explicitly advises against putting the iPhone in rice or using a hairdryer’s hot air mode to dry the waterlogged phone parts.

In its support document titled “What to do if liquid is detected on the iPhone,” Apple lists some specific precautions:

  1. Do not use an external heat source (such as a hairdryer) or compressed air to dry the waterlogged parts of the iPhone.

  2. Do not insert any foreign objects (like cotton swabs or tissue) into the phone port to absorb moisture.

  3. Do not place the iPhone in rice, as rice grains may damage the phone.

Apple also provides the correct steps to take after the iPhone gets wet: when the phone port is wet, gently tap your hand with the port facing downwards to remove excess liquid. Then, place the phone in a well-ventilated dry area and wait for at least 30 minutes for it to air dry naturally. After drying, try charging or connecting accessories using a USB-C cable to check if it works. If the phone displays a yellow exclamation mark alert, it means there is still liquid in the port. In this case, leave the phone in a ventilated area untouched for a day. During this time, you can attempt to charge it again. If the phone is completely dry but still does not charge, it is recommended to unplug the charging cable from the adapter (converter) and remove the adapter, then try connecting again.

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