Google’s Top 5G Chip! Tensor G4 Surfaces on Benchmark Site

Google Unveils Its Most Powerful 5G Chip, Tensor G4, on Benchmark Site

On February 10, according to reports from Fast Technology, a Google phone codenamed “Tokay” has appeared on the Geekbench benchmark site, powered by the Google Tensor G4 chip, which is touted as the most powerful 5G chip ever released by Google.

The Geekbench 5 scores reveal that the Google Tensor G4 achieved a single-core score of 1082 and a multi-core score of 3121. It is speculated that the slightly lower benchmark performance of the Tensor G4 could be due to its engineering phase.

Reportedly, the Google Tensor G4 features an 8-core design, including one 3.1GHz large core, three 2.6GHz medium cores, and one 1.95GHz small core, along with an integrated Mali-G715 GPU.

This chip is set to debut with the Google Pixel 9 series. As per tradition, the Google Pixel 9 series is expected to launch in October. This device will also boast the global premiere of the Android 15 system.

It is worth noting that the Google Tensor G4 is manufactured by Samsung under the collaboration between Samsung and Google.

The real highlight comes next year when Google plans to independently develop a brand-new 5G SoC. This chip will be manufactured by TSMC and is expected to deliver even higher energy efficiency. The performance is also anticipated to be remarkable.

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