HONOR Launches MagicBook Pro 16

Honor Introduces Revolutionary AI Laptop “Honor MagicBook Pro 16”

Honor MagicBook Pro 16

On February 25th, DoNews reported that the globally renowned tech brand, Honor, unveiled the groundbreaking AI laptop, the Honor MagicBook Pro 16, which redefines the conventional laptop landscape.

By leveraging its platform-level AI capabilities and collaborating with tech giants like Microsoft, Intel, and NVIDIA, Honor has propelled PCs into the AI era, marking a significant milestone in the realm of computing. This advancement offers users an unparalleled AI experience, transforming human-machine interaction.

AI Empowering Seamless Cross-Device Connectivity in Various Scenarios

With the power of platform-level AI, Honor users can now effortlessly connect devices across platforms, enabling seamless integration. This innovative feature simplifies the process of transferring windows from an Android phone to a Windows PC, or from a Windows PC to an Android tablet.

Transferring windows between devices often involves multiple steps, but with AI support, users can simply drag and drop once to accomplish the task. For instance, they can seamlessly transfer windows like messaging apps from their Honor smartphone to their personal computer and directly respond, ensuring continuity across all devices. Honor’s exceptional cross-device collaboration sets it apart as the brand capable of providing such efficient and convenient systems.

MagicOS 8.0 by Honor has revolutionized human-machine interaction by utilizing advanced AI capabilities, enabling seamless collaboration and connectivity within the ecosystem. The MagicRing Trust Circle, centered around the laptop, synchronizes tasks and notifications across devices, ensuring a convenient and straightforward seamless experience.

The MagicRing Trust Circle can handle multiple concurrent streams, including audio/video, files, and messages, offering up to 8 channels of concurrent operations such as network sharing, screen sharing, keyboard and mouse sharing, camera sharing, window sharing, file sharing, call sharing, and notification sharing, allowing users to engage in uninterrupted experiences even when multitasking. With the empowerment of platform-level AI, Honor MagicBook Pro 16 also features intelligent functions like global collection, Honor device switching clone, Honor share, and app continuity, fully unleashing the potential of platform-level AI capabilities.

AI Redefining User PC Experience

Honor MagicBook Pro 16 elevates work efficiency to extraordinary heights through AI, featuring intelligent search, document summarization, AI subtitles, and Magic text functionalities, making it an indispensable companion for productivity. Whether searching for images or generating concise document summaries, Honor MagicBook Pro 16 sets a new standard for intelligent computing.

Optimizing Hardware Performance to Enhance Platform-Level AI

Equipped with the high-performance Intel® Core™ Ultra 7 processor 155H, boasting 6 performance cores, 8 efficient cores, and 2 low-power efficient cores, Honor MagicBook Pro 16 delivers outstanding computing capabilities. Paired with a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series laptop GPU, the Honor MagicBook Pro 16 offers unparalleled performance and seamless multitasking capabilities, presenting stunning visual effects.

To further enhance performance, Honor MagicBook Pro 16 features AI-based OS Turbo technology, allowing users to easily activate high-performance mode, fully unleashing the processor’s capabilities while minimizing latency and providing excellent graphics quality. The Honor MagicBook Pro 16 also includes intelligent scheduling and adjustment functions, smartly identifying different usage scenarios and dynamically adjusting to optimize performance. Users can expect a seamless and tailored computing experience.

Outstanding Audiovisual Experience

The Honor MagicBook Pro 16 features a 16-inch Honor full screen, providing users with a high resolution of 3072 x 1920 and supporting 100% DCI-P3 wide color gamut, ensuring color accuracy and vivid visual effects. With a refresh rate of up to 165Hz, the Honor MagicBook Pro 16 offers users ultra-responsive and smooth gaming experiences. Additionally, the Honor MagicBook Pro 16 is certified for low blue light and flicker-free eye protection by Germany’s Rheinland hardware.

Exquisite Lightweight Design

With its stunning full-metal 3D coloring spray technology design, the Honor MagicBook Pro 16 embodies elegance and sophistication. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge design with outstanding performance, the Honor MagicBook Pro 16 sets a new standard in the high-performance laptop domain.

The Honor MagicBook Pro 16 is equipped with six speakers, including four woofers and two tweeters, utilizing advanced audio technology to enhance the width, depth, and height of the sound field. It’s also the world’s first spatial audio laptop based on the Windows system, providing a more immersive experience for gaming and video watching.

Colors and Pricing

Based on the Windows 11 operating system, the Honor MagicBook Pro 16 will be available in Cloud Neon and Night Mist color options. The product will launch initially in China, with a global release expected in the second quarter of this year.

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