iPhone 16 Pro in Desert Titanium

Rumors of New Color Options for iPhone 16 Pro Surface

According to insiders, there are rumors circulating that Apple might introduce a new color option called “Desert Titanium” or “Titanium Gray” for the iPhone 16 Pro model this year.

The leaker, @Majin Bu, has mentioned that the “Desert Titanium” color resembles the gold option of the iPhone 14 Pro from last year but with a deeper tone. On the other hand, “Titanium Gray” is said to be similar to the Space Gray of the iPhone 6 from 2014. It is speculated that the new model may not include red or green options, and blue or other colors might replace them instead.

However, the leaker also emphasized that the information provided is merely based on rumors and has not yet been officially confirmed. It’s understood that only one color option might ultimately be approved for release, and further confirmation is needed.

It’s worth noting that the iPhone 15 Pro released last year offered four color choices: original Titanium, blue Titanium, white Titanium, and black Titanium. Generally, when Apple’s iPhone “Pro” series is launched, it typically provides no more than four color options, including the classic black, white, gold, and a new color like blue or purple.

Majin Bu previously shared high-definition renderings of the iPhone 16 Pro, showcasing a brand-new camera island design that is reportedly quite close to the prototype design Apple is currently testing. However, he also suggested that this might be a deliberate move by Apple to identify internal leakers, so it’s advisable to approach this leak with caution.

Hopefully, the information provided above offers some clues regarding the potential new color choices for the iPhone 16 Pro that may be released.

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