Xiaomi 14 Ultra: User Reviews In. Will Lei Jun Notice?

Xiaomi 14 Ultra User Reviews

Xiaomi 14 Ultra was officially launched on February 22nd, with the official release date set for February 27th according to the information provided by the company. However, on the night of the launch, an “Optimized Shipping” plan was introduced by the company, allowing orders to be delivered the next day. As of now, priority delivery users have received the phone and shared their feedback after experiencing it.

User Review 1

User 1: Xiaomi 14 Ultra is the most perfect phone in Xiaomi’s history, finally achieving dual telephoto macro lenses and a main camera with variable aperture. It provides a huge space for creativity in photography. The user mentioned that all aspects of Xiaomi 14 Ultra are impeccable.

PS: This user basically highlighted all the advantages of Xiaomi’s camera features and also shared their experience with the feel of the device. Isn’t this exactly the effect that Lei Jun wanted to achieve?

User Review 2

User 2: Supporting CEO Lei, who hesitated for a year last year with Xiaomi 13 Ultra. Feeling that all aspects of Xiaomi 14 Ultra are now mature, he had to go for it. He also mentioned that he intends to be a loyal user of Xiaomi 14 Ultra.

PS: This user skipped Xiaomi 13 Ultra and directly opted for Xiaomi 14 Ultra, implying that he plans to use Xiaomi 14 Ultra for many years. In fact, a phone like Xiaomi 14 Ultra should easily last at least five years!

User Review 3

User 3: Extremely high recognition, smooth performance after a day of use, fast charging, and unbeatable photography.

PS: These are possibly all the advantages of Xiaomi 14 Ultra – significant changes in design compared to the previous generation, a front with deep curved screen, and the elimination of the controversial transitions on the back. This makes it instantly recognizable. The system’s smoothness goes without saying, as Surge OS has proven itself. By the way, this time supports 90W wired + 80W wireless charging, with a built-in 5300mAh Xiaomi Jinsha River battery. Do we even need to talk about its camera performance?

User Review 4

There are many similar reviews like these. Curious friends can check them out on platforms such as the Xiaomi Store, JD.com, Taobao, and others. I won’t list them all here. From the overall reviews, it’s evident that this batch of users has given positive feedback across the board, with those able to purchase early being genuine enthusiasts. The feedback from this group of users after the official sale begins on February 27th will be interesting to observe.

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